New review process for cancelled bookings.

Richmond, Australia
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We had a guest cancel a few hours before check in. These guest were moving to the city permanently and got approved for a house the day they were moving in supposed to in. They cancelled their booking as it was no longer required. 


As per Airbnb's new process on leaving reviews for cancelled bookings I get to review them. Airbnb however have not changed the review process, so I get to rate them on the same things as if they had stayed - cleanliness, communication and observance of house rules.


As these guests have not actually stayed I can't comment on 2/3 categories cleanliness and observance of house rules. While I can leave these as 0/5 I feel that's not intuitive, these options should not be there if the booking was cancelled. Likewise on the guest side perhaps Location, Accuracy, Value, Check In and Cleanliness should be disabled. 


If these are not disables, perhaps a note should be added saying they can be left blank if the check in did not occur. 



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Durham, NC
Level 10

House Rules to me would be broken because the guest did not arrive at the time specified.  Communication could be rated because you were not made aware of the possibility of the last moment cancellation until it happened (unless I missed something). They didn't tell you the whole story.   And Cleanliness - 5/5 because well, since they didn't check in, you had nothing to clean up.  I can see where this category is lacking in intuitive sense.  JM2C.  

New York, United States
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You are so right ,and on point if they cancel it should be rated