Please add the option to correct unfounded reviews!!

Status changed to: Not in Plan - Launching Alternative

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Today, I had a star taken away from me for the first time because there's no lift. The building was built before 1900 and the listing even states that there's no lift. Maybe the next guest will complain about the weather or that my apartment is not next to the beach. It's not nice :-( The Airbnb representative on the phone got annoyed at some of the guests with me but wasn't able to help me in a concrete way. The guest also feels sorry about it now, and she would correct her review. So please add the option to correct reviews! Or at least point out clearly to guests that they can't rate something poorly if it matches the listing.

Response from Airbnb

We know hosts work hard to set the right expectations for their guests, and reviews should be based on that. We also understand that details sometimes get lost in listing descriptions, especially if guests are exploring multiple spaces. We’re excited to share that we have some upcoming features that will help hosts clarify details of their spaces and help guests more easily search by these details. This will help you and your guests better match expectations from the start. While we don’t have plans to change our review system right now, we hope that our new features will help support accurate and fair reviews.


Status changed to: Not in Plan - Launching Alternative
Ann10 in
New York, NY
Level 10

Not helpful for Mark's current problem. Boo Airbnb! The guest didn't read the listing and made a mistake in the review. It should be taken down. It's the right thing to do, and it doesn't cost Airbnb anything.

Andrea1063 in
Collingwood, Canada
Level 10

So the responsiblity remains on the host ... people DO NOT READ.  They look at pictures. 


So many don't even put the right number of guest in their search.  I have to decline them.  While others hope to avoid the extra fee for another person and ask if they can sleep on the floor or they're Ok in the smaller bed.  NOT the point! 


I already have point form to make it easier and still ... they DO NOT READ. 

Seattle-Oasis0 in
Seattle, WA
Level 3

I agree Airbnb.  Adding the different sorts isn't really going to get the root issue of not reading the information we have in reviews, captions, etc.

Julie852 in
Paris, France
Level 2

I totally agree with the original poster: if I make it abundantly clear that the apartment is 20 m2 and receive a review complaining that it's small - then we should have the right to challenge and finally have the review removed. 


This is our homes we are talking about , AirBnb!!!! Of course we are going to take it personally. 


Or - a wiser alternative is to leave such pointless reviews , but remove any points from them from being added to the current score

Mark289 in
Hanover, Germany
Level 10
@Ann0 ..YES! e.g. Somebody buys a red car. Afterwards he complains, that the car is not blue. AirBnB, what do you think? Must the seller paint it blue now, or must he refound some money? Or has the seller to put up with his offer as a bad offer, just because he sold a red car as a red car, and he didn't know that the buyer wanted a bkue car?! Poor! Why does AirBnB represent such stupid views? I think, just because they are afraid of the work what it will cost them to correct such false reviews.
Jan384 in
Dübendorf, Switzerland
Level 3

I think this needs to be added.

We have very clear pictures that show in color (green, red and orange) the areas of the apartment that are shared, private for the guest and private for us. Still we get idiots (sorry, but there's no other word for that) that book our room expecting the whole apartment. It's just ridiculous!

Helen427 in
Auckland, New Zealand
Level 10

They are able to and do remove photographs with captions from our listing details, so why not remove dishonest / inaccurate reviews that when viewed in chronological order and context may be deemed to be harassment / harmful digital communication.


To keep referencing to "Guests" rights and not that of "Hosts " rights is a failure of equality which to the best if my knowledge is a breach of various International law enshrined for all people.


It's also endorsing at times very toxic discrimination that I'm of understanding is against Airbnb Terms of Service, isn't it?

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