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Your search algorithm leads guests to homes far from the search town on my Washington CT and Roxbury CT 16 listings.  When a guest requests Washington CT the Washington CT listings should appear first just as hotel searches like expedia and is designed - try it.  Then the out of town listings should appear as you choose.  Airbnb's algorithm uses popularity to put low cost popular listings first endangering or misleading and inconveniencing guests at the least by sending them to higher crime and poor neighborhood choices (New Milford, Torrington, etc) that are often more than a half hour drive to Washington down country back roads. When a guest chooses an exclusive town like Washington know as the affluent tourist destination with great restaurants they should have the Washington listings first - just as any hotel search works on the OTAs.  If a guest searches Manhattan, they should not get Queens or Harlem first - those home locations should all be listed after the Manhattan listings.  This is the most serious problem for hosts and guests that I have found on Airbnb and really is an obvious correction that will increase guest satisfaction and profitability to airbnb as the actual location has much higher rents and commissions.  It will reduce inconvenience, driving times, and danger to guests and be much more truthful and helpful to guests and hosts.  Thank you, Stephen Brighenti 

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