Website and App responsiveness is always slow, delayed, lagging, poor access time, high latency

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Your site responsiveness has been a frustrating problem forever now, but, like everybody else, I always forget to mention it with Airbnb feedback surveys is because the first and only thing we remember is hosting of guests, communication, payments.

I use only the latest, fastest computers on extremely fast internet connections and yet myself, my guests, and everyone I know who uses Airbnb find ourselves complaining at how delayed and slow your website and the App is.

We always assume there must just be wifi or ethernet traffic slowdowns so we fail to suspect the true culprit: itself. Even typing this form and making changes is frustratingly slow. 

I asked two different Airbnb guests who are programming developers including one who works at Google why Airbnb's website is so slow and unresponsive, and both said because Airbnb still uses "Ruby" instead of "Javascript" which every very large site uses. 

Why not use javascript like Facebook, Twitter, Google and many other sites? Your site is PAINFULLY slow and responsiveness is noticeably delayed. For being a multi-hundred-billion-dollar corporation, you really have no excuse to have such a laggy, latent, slow system.

Whatever you're using clearly cannot handle the number of users on your platform.

Manuel323 in
England, United Kingdom
Level 2



I am not complaining about the speed, I am complaining about something that is happening to me since I started to be a member of this website and I believe is much more important. 

For a reason, I do not understand, I was not able to add my payout details for 7 days. I am contacting them, send screenshots, following all they suggested to me and fell a completely disappointing with the service they provide it to me.


Tried to speak with a senior staff member, they do not allow me and hung down my call. This is something I could exxpect from another places, but never for a company such as airbnb.


Realyy is a poor customer service.



Josh156 in
Oakland, CA
Level 1

YES.  And it has to be by design.  HAS to be.  And that's one of the reasons I find Airbnb excruciatingly frustrating.  They're great at getting you paid - but it's like bamboo under your fingernails to use this site.  Which has all kinds of anomalies for 2018 - like disappearing messages, "trick" pages, and more.  Don't get me started on the fact that I'm not a Superhost - or on the fact that they have now rolled out their newest bougy marketing bullsh*t - the Airbnb "PLUS" or whatever the hell they call those super shmancy fancy ("Hollywood-what???") listings...makes me almost want to retire!! lol I can only aspire though...

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