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I was always lead to believe that a review or review point, was a gague or meter to let me know how I, as host am doing.(??) Whereas all the other review points such as "Accuracy, Value, Cleanliness, etc" are points of review that tell me how I'm doing, (on-point, or possible improvements) I have never understood why the guest is given the opportunity to review my "Location."  "Location" to what?


"Location" is subjective to the agenda of the guests visit. If, for example,  they are visiting thier sister down the street, then, my home is a great "Location." If she is visiting her sister in hospital 30 miles away, maybe not so much. 

As I cannot in anyway (especially with "instant book") immediatly  know the reasons or agenda of the guest,without a lot of prying,  and I certainly cannot  move my house to better suit anyone who decides to rent, I am completely confused why this would even be a point of review to a guest? 


It seems to me that we as hosts should be utilizing "Accuracy" as a way to inform guests as to the proximity of key landmarks and goings-on, in our respective areas. If I am, indeed "Accurate" in my descriptions, and not exagerating the truth about the other points of review, such "Cleanliness, Value, Communication, etc)  rather than leaving to chance, that a guest decided: 1. Not to do thier homework when searching for a stay, and knocks me down a star or two becaise of their negligence in researching, 2.  Because they were too budget conscinece to pay more to stay closer to what they wanted to do or see. 3. Or because what they wanted to do or see was already booked in a location that is closer on thier respective dates.


I have personally put in my opening short description, as well as (again) in the long description,  the exact distance to the 2 main attractions that the vast majority of my guests want to see, yet have received less than 5 stars 10 times  because they didnt want to pay more to stay a few miles closer. 


Response from Airbnb

As a helpful criteria for many guests, we are not intending to remove this at this time; however, we always appreciate this feedback as we regularly refine our platform to best meet hosts and guests needs. Location is intended to help future guests get a sense of the area and tends to reflect proximity to nearby destinations. It was created to help establish potential guests’ expectations, setting both you and your guests up for fewer surprises. While this isn’t something we are planning on changing, we are investigating including transit score and walkability score on the listing page in order to clarify location as a criteria. Since it’s not something you can change or control, it doesn’t impact the overall Star Rating for the listing or Superhost status.

Suzanne79 in
Iowa City, IA
Level 1

I completly agree.  Suzanne Koury

Olga53 in
Montreal, Canada
Level 1

Totally agree! I have also posted snapshots from Google Maps on how long it will take to get to main attractions and my price is well adjusted to compensate for not being in the middle of the down town. And I still get less than 5-stars location reviews half the time because it is a 15 minute walk to the metro. Not fair.

Ken32 in
Houston, TX
Level 1

I agree with Nancy!  One of the review items can be ACCURACY regarding property and room description, key landmarks or tourist attractions, type of restaurants nearby, pharmacy, convenient stores or supermarkets, special services such as yoga, massage, horseback riding, biking etc.  

Barbara240 in
Eugene, OR
Level 4

I absolutely agree.  Location should not be included in the ratings.  It does depend on location to what... I like the idea of replacing it with ACCURACY of description.


Jan90 in
Madison, WI
Level 1

I also totally agree!  Location should not be a point of evaluating our performance as hosts!  It is completely subjective and we here many guests telling us it was a perfect location for them while others decide it isn't a good location.  We also feel we have stated in our description more than one time the location and house rules (and that we have a cat) and yet guests sometimes act like they weren't informed.  Which leads me to believe a lot of guests, especially Instant Books, don't even read our write ups.  It's the same with how guests determine "Value".  For some, it's just great.  For those who don't read our write up which states clearly several times they do not have kitchen access, they come expecting things they should already know we don't provide!  It just seems the points for evaluating hosts are not accurate or fair if based only on guest responses. 

Nancy67 in
Charleston, SC
Level 10

"Accuracy" is already a point of review, Ken.  My suggestion was to utilize it better as a host to inform guests of location.

I do agree with Jan; As I cater to primarily a "new to Airbnb" clientel, and more than that, a "budget conscience" clientel because I am 5 miles from the downtown area of my city, I think they are hitting the button to book, all to quickly  based on price rather than "Location." Unfortunatly, its after they get here and embarass themselves and me, by "realizing" where they are and what we do and dont provide, that they get judgy when it comes time to "review." 

Michael297 in
Arlington, TX
Level 1

I agree that the location and accuracy ratings are too subjective and not an accurate reflection of objective measures.  Are there definitions of accuracy and locations for guests or do they interpret the meaning???    

Donna88 in
Hyattsville, MD
Level 2

One more agree. I tell them I am in the suburbs, how far to the Metro, how far to drive the The National Mall, how long the trip is on the Metro or how long to drive to the city. I give them cross streets so they can look at it on a map. Then they say it was not a good location. THEY CHOSE It!!! What more can I do? They need to get rid of review for location.  I have cats. I show pictures of cat, my picture has cats, and I tell them I have cats in the desctiption. Then I get people that book it and send me a message asking me if I have cats. What more can we do for these people? 

Celia-and-Dim0 in
Athens, Greece
Level 1

I see that it is important for future guests to know whether a certain location is preferred by other guests or not, but I also find it very unfair that bad location ratings count on the overall ratings. (I receive very rarely 5 stars for my location, but as Nancy says, I cannot move my house). 


I would suggest that location ratings go straight to the neighborhoods. In that case future guests would judge the neighborhoods before selecting a listing and individual listings' ratings will focus on the actual listing. 

Nancy67 in
Charleston, SC
Level 10

I believe, (and I could be wayyy of base here) "Accuracy" is based on the overall "accuracy" of your description, photos and information you provide. For example if I say, "15 minute walk to downtown" and its 5.5 miles, through a traffic infested area, and across a rutty, private property field. Could you do it? Maybe--- if you can run 3-minute miles,or had a bike in your luggage-- but most would consider that less than "accurate." I see hosts in my own neighborhood advertise they are 15 minutes to the beach-- Ha! maybe at 2 AM if you didnt hit any lights and were doing 50MPH in a 35 MPH zone. (its 11.1 miles from my house)


Location, in order to be "accurate" should be truthful and upfront, but dependant on the host (not the guest or ABNB) to convey honestly. 


While we're at it-- Why doesnt ABNB let us review "Accuracy" "Check-In" and "Communication"  and "Value" (That guest who takes 45-minute scalding hot showers, 3 times a day, eats everything at breakfast set out for 4 people, uses 12 towls and eats 10 rolls of toilet paper in his 3 day stay) about our guests? Maybe add one-- like "Reading and Comrehension" as it relates to guests knowing what they got themselves into, ha! (Sorry-- probably just jumped the shark there,....)




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