Charging for children

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New South Wales, Australia

Charging for children

As a host Im curious as I know Airbnb have recently changed the rules on charging for children, making under 2's free which is fine but i had the understanding that guests could now book the number of adults/children and infants and this would come up in the booking enquiry. I have just had another booking where they are telling me that there was not an option to put in the number of children, so I saw 2 adults and accepted then after realised they had a 3 yr old child which i would have charged for, they did tell me in the enquiry but they didnt put it in the amount of guests so the price came up as only 2 adults,  i assumed they did and didnt check the price so my fault but can anyone shed some light on this.

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George Town, Malaysia

I have had this matter numerous of time. I usually just tell them that I need to change the booking which include the third person. Let them know that the charge for children and adult has no difference. Send them a request, if they refuse, contact Airbnb.

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