Condominium Rules for Short Term Rentals

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Toronto, Canada

Condominium Rules for Short Term Rentals

Hello I own my condo and I may expensive fees for maintenance of the condo.  I have been recently notified that I cannot proceed with short term rentals on my unit on airbnb as it is a vialtion of the condo corp. rules and regulations.  Does anyone has experience with this situation?  Are there any usergroups that are actively working towards fighting this with their condo corp?  Please advise.


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Toronto, Canada

@Fojan0 I'm curious what has happened since your post in 2016.  I live in Mississauga and my condo corp has the same restrictions.

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Como, CO

Quite common for Condo;'s to make such rules, usually rules can ne changed with the agreement of a majority of the owners.


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