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    Hello,I am new to Airbnb, and up until this weekend it has been pretty flawless with renting out my space and not having any issues with guests. With that said, I currently have a guest staying at my rental, they rented for 5 nights, and on their second... Latest reply by Emma3141
    I am a host for an airbnb in Venise-en-Quebec and I am dealing with the new law from the Quebec Ministry of Tourismrequiring me to have an inspection, become classified, and pay an annual fee. I also need permission from my municipality and am waiting to... Latest reply by Zee164
    I am Hosting a guest in 11 months for 3 weeks. The Guest informed me that her husband is severely allergic to cats. We are hosting a Guest with a cat 2 months prior to their arrival and have informed the Guest of that. They proceeded with the booking anyw... Latest reply by Renee291
    Hello guys, Hope this message finds everyone well I am very new to hosting, and this is my 4th guest. She books for a week from yesterday (19th November) and said she would be coming at about 3 PM. When I emailed her around 3 to check if she is still com... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0
    Hello Airbnb community!We just listed our house on airbnb, still so much to learn. Today we have found out that co-hosting program is discontinued by Airbnb, and untill now we were hoping to find caring local hosts to help us out while we are out of count... Latest reply by Sarah269
    I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 (Oreo 8.0.0) with the Airbnb app installed as well as a Samsung Galaxy Tab3 tablet, also with the app. There's no problem with the tablet but on the phone there's a persistent "1" showing up, alerting me of a new notif... Latest reply by Chris17973
    Hello Airbnb hosts, Currently in Collingswood, a small suburb outside Philadelphia, there is a zoning battle going on regarding Airbnb. Recently, the township has been handing out cease and desist letters to hosts in the town and saying that hosting other... Latest reply by Ngozi7
    We had a guest book yesterday for 3 nights. We accepted and are "awaiting payment". Guest had obviously changed their mind but our calendar is now blocked for those 3 nights and we can't change or cancel reservation. Have contacted guest via email (her nu... Latest reply by Branson1
    Hello, I own a property (a maisonette with independent entrance) in Edinburgh where I currently live and it's my primary residence. I am planning to short let some of the rooms in the property. Am I allowed to do so? Or do I have to request the planning p... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0