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Hello everyone,This is a place where you can talk about hosting in a general way. Dive into this board to get to know other hosts, share your experiences, exchange ideas about hosting, and share your host stories.Remember that for more specific questions ... read more
Hello everyone, If you had to think of how many beds you have slept in over your lifetime, I bet you would soon come to the realisation that it is quite a few. From when you were a little kid to now as an adult, to your own bed to those you have stayed in... read more
Hello everyone, Happy New Year to those of you who I haven't spoken to so far. :) One of my favourite discussions here in the Community Center is a topic created by @Huma which is all about past renovation projects and sharing Before and After photos. I k... read more
I have an issue with Airbnb's policy declaring that an emotional support animal is to be treated the same as an ADA-protected animal, because as a licensed psychotherapist, I am aware that many people are able to easily convince a licensed mental health p... read more
I remembered I put $70/night and offered 49% discount for long stays. A guest books my place for a month and I see I'm only getting paid for $600. Feeling it's unbelievably low, I tried booking my own place for a month too and it's showing $1220 after all... read more
Airbnb won't let me require 2 good reviews without turning on instant booking. I turned it off after a 3rd party instant booking. Can anyone recommend how I can require 2 good reviews, or where I should put the requirement in my listing? I keep getting bo... read more
After careful consideration we decided not to include use of the kitchen for our listing, this is reflected in our listing price. Our listing also does not include the kitchen in the ammenities and states that the guests have access to the bedroom and bat... read more
There are some weeks coming up that I want to have available for people who will be traveling to my community for an annual event. The event takes place next door and I am a participant! How can I hold the days just for that purpose, but still let them bo... read more
Hi allI just have a general question: if a host finds items left by guests is it the hosts responsibility to contact the guest or is it up to the guest to call the host? Any responses will be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Mary M
I can't seem to use the new Smart Pricing feature in conjunction with weekend pricing. Seems like Smart Pricing overrides anything I set as a weekend price (box checked). Would be great to get "smart" pricing Sun to Thur and then still have the set weeken... read more
We understand a verified person would have a photo of their image on the profile. A recent request came through. We wanted to look at the profile and photo before we accept or reject. However the profile photo of our prospective guest showed only some flo... read more
When we say weekend rate, do we refer to Fridays and Saturdays or Saturdays and Sundays? Some hosts increase the rate on the weekends and public holidays, do they start from the eve or right on the day?
We explicitly specifed on the calendar that this coming long weekend in Sydney would be $10.00 over and above the daily rate for other days. I checked again and again and it had been saved. When the booking request came through the request was based on th... read more
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