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Hello everyone,This is a place where you can talk about hosting in a general way. Dive into this board to get to know other hosts, share your experiences, exchange ideas about hosting, and share your host stories.Remember that for more specific questions ... read more
Hi guys,In the past few days, I have shared with you guys some of my tips to boost “guest’s expectations” because I believe that “guest's expectations” is one of the key values on Airbnb. For those who haven't read my posts before, here are some tips that... read more
Hello Everyone, I hope you are are having a great week. :) On a daily basis you welcome guests from all over the world into you home and in doing so have gained some amazing experiences. To celebrate this, Airbnb would love to write a blog article on our ... read more
Hello everyone, With modern technology and snazzy all-singing, all-dancing phones these days, it should make it easier than ever to take photos you can be proud of. However, I personally think it is not always as straightforward as you think and taking ph... read more
You know, life's funny. Last night I was dealing with my worst guest in the year that I've been hosting, who cancelled their 4 night reservation after only one night, demanding a full refund, claiming that the place was filthy, and stunk of cigarette smok... read more
I am very new to hosting, and after testing it out for two weeks last month, and getting booking from two great guests who were a delight to host, I decided to unblock more dates in my calendar.As I was still figuring out the whole process of booking, I h... read more
Hello AirBnB and Other Hosts, I am disappointed in AirBnB's practice of giving preference in listings to those who do Instant Book. When someone is searching for particular dates, the Instant Book filter is automatically on and the searcher must turn it o... read more
Why cant I edit a review I wrote as a response to my guest review? Both reviews have been written, but I want to tweak my response a bit. these are th instructions given, but I dont have the option to edit: Editing a reviewAfter writing a review, if your ... read more
Hi. We've only been hosting since April, so haven't done a full year. I don't think we're in an area where we'll get repeat visitors but I'm thinking of writing to all our guests from this year, anyway, and offering them a discount if they come back next ... read more
Buenas tardes, Tengo una pregunta, porque si yo pongo algunas fechas con una minima estancia de 7 noches, Airbnb permite que un cliente reserva solo por 3?Me pasó hoy mismo y se voy a cnacelar me penaliza a mi como host.Yo ya chequé y non fué un mi error ... read more
Hi. We've only been on Airbnb for a few months, and I'd really like to hear some of your positive stories about hosting. I'm interested to know what you've done (or heard of) that costs only a few pounds but has made a difference to your hosting. I'd like... read more
Hi brains trust,I am interested to learn how you charge the additional fee for late check outs.Is it a request through the Airbnb resolution centre?Recently I have had many guests requesting late check outs on the morning of checking out. I have read on t... read more
Hey guys! I recently started hosting and so far things are looking great. i've been doing a ton of research and trying to implement everything i learned. We don't have any issues getting weekend bookings (we have a 2 night min for weekends), however durin... read more
It's 72 degrees indoors and my guests canceled due to it being "to hot". I put the thermostat down to 69 but the air conditioning just can't deal with the heat to lower it more than 72-71. Guests decided to cancel their stay and there's nothing I can do a... read more
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