Guest had plumbing issue

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Guest had plumbing issue


I am new to Airbnb, and up until this weekend it has been pretty flawless with renting out my space and not having any issues with guests.  With that said,  I currently have a guest staying at my rental, they rented for 5 nights, and on their second night of their stay contacted me with the following message:


Sorry to bother you but we have a serious plumbing problem. We are unable to use the lower storey sinks, the washing machine, the upper storey sinks and the dishwasher. The lower storey floorgrate is overflowing and causing flooding in the laundry floor. We need a plumber ASAP.
Also the main bedroom in the upper storey has no PowerPoints working.

Thanks heaps can you email & let us know what’s happening ASAP.


I since then have called a handyman to handle the outlets in the bedroom, and had a plumber fix the clogged drain.  All is fixed now, however, the tenant was inconvenienced for 2 days.  I am unsure what caused the clogged sink, backing up the plumbing downstairs, however I am not sure if I should refund the tenant or not?  Is it typical to refund the funds for the days they had plumbing issues (ie. 2 days)?   Any feedback would be appreciated.



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I think since you got the problem solved fast enough, you don't have to refund much or even at all. Either way, you should get it maintained again and see if you could pinpoint any causes. I'd personally recommend J Blanton Plumbing ( for the job, got their services before and they're great.

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What is the connection between the pipe and ABB?

Pipes are under pressure-they can fail any time...

What if pipe burst in a b b and causes major damage to 4 condos below, and it is clear in h o a no a b b?

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I think its about time that "guests" consider that they are in a private home and not a commercial enterprise and what they would be doing if the same thing happened to them and I feel that some guests use the "Travel Issue" ease that AirBNB refund our money to their advantage!

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I would definitely offer to refund the days they were inconvienced.  That was a pretty serious problem so even though you got it fixed it was a big black mark against you.  I don’t think two days rent is worth risking a horrible review and angry guest.

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@Marta410 I’d also wait for them to mention it. 

On Labor weekend it was 114 outside and my AC went out on Sunday.

The guest had every right to ask me for a refund of the nights stay but they never mentioned it and they even left a great review. 

I think your level of response means much more than anything else.

The guest wants to know you actually are on it and dealing with the issue. 

My S-O has often played the role of “Johnny on the spot” plumber, pool guy, flood clean up and security. As long as someone is there quick, it doesn’t matter. 


A little tip I can give all host is to make a laminated map to the emergency water shut off valve for the house.

Then you can tell the guest to shut off the water if a pipe burst but obviously it does nothing for a clogged drain. 


‘You know it’s hard out here for a Host’ 

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  I think you should say nothing about a refund till further notice (aka reaction from the guests). Things do happen in the physical world we live in, and you did addressed it. Not everything has to have an immediate price tag on it, at least not good will. Depending on their attitude, I would think of something special to do for them.

  Did the plumber shared an opinion on what could have 'possibly' caused the drain to clog? Just curious.

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I think you should take the initiative and ask what they expect as compensation for the two days that you had a plumbing issue. 

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