Inbox notification won't go away

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Inbox notification won't go away

I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 (Oreo 8.0.0) with the Airbnb app installed as well as a Samsung Galaxy Tab3 tablet, also with the app. There's no problem with the tablet but on the phone there's a persistent "1" showing up, alerting me of a new notification, and it just won't go away whatever I do. Yes, I DID try logging out of my account but when I log in again the "1" is still there 😞

Anyone heard of any solution to this glitch, which obivously isn't a new one? This is super annoying, as one tends to think "Yay, a new booking!" every time one sees the bl***y "1" on the display.

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Go to inbox then notifications (bell at top right) and clear the notification. That should help.

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Thank you, @Christopher955 -- this solved it for me!

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Christopher, many of these posts were written some considerable time ago and the user who writes them moves on. For all we know Nina has retired sold here Airbnb listing and moved to the other side of the globe since she wrote that post back in mid 2018!

Always best to look and see when the last item was posted on a thread before responding with an answer because what it does is reactivate an old thread that had been over time consigned into oblivion and pushes it to the head of the current threads thereby displacing good current active posts.


Once posts get more than a few months old, best to let 'sleeping dogs lie'!



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Robin4, that is terrible advice!

These forums are NOT primarily to solve the problem that the original poster had, but to give a solution to everybody else who has the same problem and finds this thread trough google!

So Christopher955 did the right thing and answered the question for ME to find it.

(but sadly it did not solve the problem)