New Zealand’s Celebration - Waitangi Day

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Waitangi Day - The Guardian Feb 2020Waitangi Day - The Guardian Feb 2020

Hi everyone,


Our resident Auckland super CC’er @Helen427  let me know, recently, that on February 6th the nation of New Zealand celebrates Waitangi Day! Since then I’ve been enjoying researching this 180 year old tradition.


This day celebrates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi on between the British crown and several Māori chiefs, the native tribes of the country. 


Waitangi Day - The Guardian Feb2020Waitangi Day - The Guardian Feb2020


This day pays homage to the wonderful origins of the New Zealand heritage by dancing, body art and connection with the still present tribes that have called the country their home for centuries. 


As we have so many spectacular NZ hosts here on the CC, I was wondering if we could hear more about how you celebrate on the ground? Calling on @Delwyn3 @Denise80 @Yun8 @Davina8 @Ria16 @Terri38 for some stories.






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Re: New Zealand’s Celebration - Waitangi Day

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Sorry, @Stephanie , I'm not much use to ask. I worked the day shift at the hospital that I work at so I didn't really celebrate it in any meaningful way (except a sigh of relief that my shift was over!)

You will find that the day has become very political, with the media reporting (mostly) not helping at all. This year, though, the reporting was much better.



Re: New Zealand’s Celebration - Waitangi Day

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KiaOra @Stephanie et al 🙂 have not been for a couple of years now but when I think of Waitangi now it is often with humour. 
Waitangi is often used as a stage for various angsts against the crown and for people’s rights . You can google the great dildo scandal with one of our nurses protesting against the TPPA trade negotiations If you wish. 

It’s always been an interesting day for me. 
This year marks a change and was heralded as the most progressive and peaceful one yet .

I hope you can see this clip from Facebook of our very impressive waka and warriors filmed by Peter Honey at Waitangi . I have  had a go at tiny URL it 



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