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Prague, Czech Republic
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Good evening all hosts from the Czech Republic.


Based on your particular experience I would like to sum up in this topic all the payout methods valid in the Czech Republic and their advantages and disadvantages and most importantly the fees - meaning what all you get from your money.


So far I have tried all 3 methods and here are the results:

The lost percentage is count from that day official conversion rate of Czech National Bank. My Airbnb prices are in EUR. In the end I want all in CZK.


Transfer to bank account:

Average lost: 0,05 %



Lost: 2,62 %

All what Airbnb sends gets on my Paypal account. The problem is in sending the money from Paypal to bank account in CZK - the Paypal conversion rate is around 2,6 %.



Airbnb converts USD to EUR according to official rate - it seems to.

CZK cash withdrawal on ATM of Ceska sporitelna. Lost: 3,86% on rate conversion + 3,15 USD fee by Payoneer for withdrawal outside of US.

Haven't pay in shop with Payoneer card - But have to try it.


My question is. Do you use any of the method apart from transfering money directly to bank account? Have you any advices how to ommit that horrible loses when converting money from Paypal or Payoneer. 

For Paypal the solution would be to have bank account in EUR but what to do with EUR in Czech republic? Any conversion is very expensive...

And what about Payoneer. That's card full of US dollars but again no use for it in Czech republic. Or is there any ATM which gives you USD? Any suggestion?


Please share your ideas either in Czech or English. Thanks!

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Bristol, United Kingdom
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Welcome @Thomas184


You may be better seeing if there is a FB or other community for BNB hosts in your country who would have more specialist knowledge than hosts here the majority of whom won't be from Czech Republic.

Re: Payout Method Czech Republic

Prague, Czechia
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Zdravim Tomasi,


I have properties out of the Czech Reublic, prices are in euros and i used to get euros on my paypal account.


Paypal conversion is around 4.9 % when converting to any czech based account (doesn't matter if in czk or eur, which means i've opened an euro account with equa bank but when sending euros from paypal to euro account , i receive euros after a conversion..of 4.9% as i said)..


now i'm trying a new way: international transfer from airbnb to my euro account , the equabank fees are clear : 9czk for sepa and 29 czk for non sepa payments, i can se up a minimum amount payout in order to avoid having many transactions but the question is will i suffer some conversion? i think not but will confirm you soon..


hopefully this is the best way for people who want euros (and not czk)

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