Having greenery in your home is very on-trend, but does it work within an STR?

I have quite a few plants at home, and they definitely help to give the place a green feel and enhance the mood. However, if you have an entire home listing then it might be harder to ensure you keep your plants looking healthy and watered without disturbing your guests.


It would be great to hear from you guys on your own experience: is it practical to have plants in your listing, or is it too much hard work? 


If you do have plants, what are your tips for caring for them from a distance?

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Re: Plants in your listing

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Hey @Mark116, I've also heard that Lucky Bamboo does well in low light, and is non-toxic for cats 🌱


Do report back and let us know if you have success with any 😊



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Re: Plants in your listing

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Peace lily is the most willing to accept low light & a larger pot will take longer to dry out.

Re: Plants in your listing

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@Sally221  Thanks, I think those are toxic to cats, and since they sometimes go in the listing during the off season, probably couldn't have. 

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