Private Chef

Private Chef

Hello Fellow Hosts!  I'm a new host and really tired of guest inquiries for addl things after the init. inq... 

Pls help!:

How should I respond to a guest requesting to have a private chef come by a couple days during their 3-4day stay?

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England, United Kingdom

If anyone is in need of a private chef,  shoot me an email me at**. We are a private chef marketplace with over 150 chefs in the UK, and are currently looking to partner with Airbnb hosts 🙂


**[E-mail address removed due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

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Dublin, Ireland

I can help if anyone is looking for a chef in dublin see my facebook and instagram -  kgprivatedining or email



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Sayulita, Mexico

@Chateau0 Elan Executive Estate    10 people booking a vacation rental IS an event 🙂  Whether it turns out to be a wild party will depend on how adept you are at vetting guests pre-booking confirmation. For instance, you might not want to accept a booking for ten 19 year-olds on spring break, but Mom, Dad, Aunt and Uncle, Grandma and Grandpa and a couple of their friends would be a safer bet. And like other have said, if they can afford your place, they can probably afford a private chef.  

I have a friend who is a massage therapist- she gets called into private rental homes to work on people all the time- she is not considered an unautorized person who's not allowed in without the host's permission.

I would think of researching chefs and caterers in your area, checking them out as to professionalism, reviews, and insurance and having that info available for guests in a house manual, just as hosts recommend local eateries, sights and cool places to visit. 

Most of the high end listings in my town have house manuals with pages of local business cards and flyers in them- anything from restaurants to caterers to massage therapists to dog walkers to car rentals, etc, etc. The more you can provide to make your guests feel like they were provided for well (I'm not talking about asking for you to install AC in every room, 800 count sheets,  "I know you don't accept pets, but please can I bring my 3 Bull Mastiffs, they're totally well-behaved", or other unreasonable, entitled demands) , the better.

@Letti0 and @Sarah977  

Thank you for your response!  I've already installed AC in every room (And close to 800 count sheets ;-)))


As a new host, all the responses have made me realize that maybe I should have asked for tips on vetting guest / contracts to request...  However, I did indicate booking guests must be 35+ to try to minimize wild parties.


Again, all suggestions have been really great and I am working to immediately implement some of the suggestions!

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Atascosa, TX

@Chateau0 Elan Executive Estate  Agian I can't tag you. You can not limit age on AirBnB unless your HOA, resort or insurance require it to be more than 18 years old. 

@Chateau0 Elan Executive Estate  This is a tricky one, its going to be on going as you write your heading as executive estate which will attract those who have assistants and probably will bring in extra people, my suggestion is make a clear note in your house rules about bringing in extra hospitality service during their stays that include dining and parties.Should you feel its almost an extra guest like services additions, write this in your rules the extra charges. Also any assistance services are like cleaners entering a property, in this case its a chef and usually the chef may bring his/her assistance cleaners, or kitchen hands!

Wish you safe hosting!

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Somerville, MA

I am baffled by your initial response. This is the hospitality business. You have a place that is in the $600 a night range. Anyone who can afford this might want any number of services on-site. I can imagine a yoga instructor, massage therapist, golf coach, and yes, a private chef.


If I were you, I would say "absolutely" and then require proof that the private chef has all the required permits and licenses, and get a copy of their insurance that protects you should something go wrong. You could even require that the chef bring all the dishes, silverware, cooking implements, etc., and when these folks are done, I would put together a list of area vendors that you are comfortable having on your property.

@Susan151 LOL, you all are truly really great!  I'm really grateful for your time to respond and I understand this is baffling!... because it's truly a great entertainers property and actually have all the dishes myself as we used to do a lot of entertaining!!  It's just that my HOA is strict and since we no longer entertain, I'm now just trying to share a great exclusive property (f&f to stay together when visiting resort).

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Atascosa, TX

@Chateau Elan Executive Estate I can not tag you for some reason. @Susan151 is right. On my website I state:


At Extra Cost – advance notice may be required:

  •  Guest House and Cottage pre-stocking
  •  Catering service
  •  Laundry service
  •  Child care service
  •  Additional maid service
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Somerville, MA

But you allow 10 guests!!!! If I could afford it, I would want a private chef to feed my 10-member family as often as possible. That isn't an event. It is dinner! It is a packed lunch to take on a hike tomorrow!

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Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


Your listing is an exclusive accomodation for a larger group of guests. I can imagine such guests want also some exclusive cooking during their stay. So maybe you should think of even offering such a feature ! So instead of considering the Chef as a "drop-in" guest, maybe it's just a great idea and you should try to work something out which benefits everybody.

Best regards, Emiel

@Emiel1 ~  Thank you for your response!  Yep, I know &~def realize.  But right now just want to keep it to "Accomodations" only... Especially because anything else can easily become an small "Event".

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Amsterdam, NL

Hi @Emiel1 I think this is a great idea, and if he could work with a local chef, could also make a finders fee from the guests as an additional service. Thus it makes something like this an income stream instead of a perceived pain

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Jersey City, NJ

Tell him that sounds like great fun, and he should message you and let you know who he finds on google and how it all turned out.

@Mark116 thank you for your reply!!

😉 Ok...

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Florence, Canada

Are they asking you to book the private chef for them? 


My name is Johnny Carino. I am a Georgia private chef. Maybe easier on you to introduce them to take a


They gave private chefs all over the US. Your guests can use the link and not bother while you provided the resource.

@Lawrene0 , thk you for your reply!!

No. Just that they want the Chef to have access a couple days. One, I just feel irry about any drop-in guests, and two my listing clearly indicates no drop-ins. So, I just don't like that seldom get request for drop-ins (chef, friend, etc.)... Ahhhhh

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Quilcene, WA

@Chateau0 Elan Executive Estate re. your other query about low bookings, I think you have just answered your own question. I think almost anyone booking a property at that scale will want to be able to entertain.

@Lisa723  Yep, I also know you're right the  (No Event rule) is probably hurting.  But it would then be considered an event (&cost more bec of events liabilities) versus "Guest stay" and... our HOA does not allow for Events...".

So,  thkg thru ;-))

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