Recommendations for wrinkle-free sheets

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Recommendations for wrinkle-free sheets

I have been using white cotton sheets-- nothing crazy-- a good threadcount,egyption cotton, soft, bought on sale. I bleach away any stains. I've had guests mention how much they like them and I iron them for every guest. But, ironing them is getting really tedious! And I know I've seen hosts mention wrinkle-free sheets on here before but can't find any recommendations when I search the forum. Does anyone have white, wrinkle-free sheets that they swear by? Even better if they are available in the U.S. Thanks!

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Hey, you might wanna give eucalyptus bedding a try. I have multiple from Sheets & Giggles and they are soooo gooood. These sheets are cool in nature and that's perfect for me as I run hot while sleeping and it keeps me cool. Plus, I was not expecting them to be this soft before ordering. Totally surprised and ordered 3 more instantly.


PS: I have some sheets and giggles discount code (, if anyone's interested in getting quality bed sheets and save some money at the same time.

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We've been hosting for a little over a year and have been using 100% cotton sheets and poly/cotton duvet covers. The cotton sheets need ironing but the poly/cotton duvet covers don't need to be, though I do iron the pillow cases. All the ironing is starting to become a pain I'm now thinking of changing to 100% flax linen sheets etc.  from BedThreads.  I've started to us them on our our personal beds and they are extremely comfortable to sleep in and feel great against the skin. All natural, breathable, trans-seasonal and  best of all the trend with these sheets is not to iron out the 'beautiful natural creases' to give the bed an inviting, relaxed look. Although I wasn't entirely comfortable with this I did try it anyway. The look was actually not displeasing and I think I will change to this linen in the Airbnb.  Does anyone else use un-ironed flax linen sheets?  Would love to hear how they were received by guests.

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@Alan-and-Terri--0 I use all linen bedding.  I do give everything a bit of a steam with the iron (I steam the duvet on the bed) so it’s not too rumpled and doesn’t look slept in. I only use linen on my own bed as well, and I’d never go back to cotton. I use wool dryer balls in the dryer which helps with the wrinkling and makes the sheets lovely and soft.

Nearly every guest comments about how amazing the bed is, with many telling me that they went looking for the labels to find out where to buy the linens (and the same with the linen towels).


BedThreads are great quality and their colours are lovely. It’s expensive compared to cotton sheets, but it pays dividends with my listing.

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I was looking for the same information on wrinkle free sheets and found a Great video on preventing wrinkle free sheets and it works!  here’s a link.

 Good to know info!

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Thanks for all the ggreat suggestions people.

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Cody, WY

I'm really disappointed no one answered your question because that is what I'm looking for after 4 years of doing AIRBNB, this summer I had to throw out 4 sets of sheets because despite my excellence at stain removal (friends and family call me for advice) I was defeated. Now I guess I'll have to give in & quit using the beautiful sheets I used to use, florals & designs & go plain white bleachable.  😢

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I have ironed sheets for 10 years for the accommodation. I have great technique and a great iron. The iron makes a huge difference. If I had several rooms to do, I would use a laundry service. But for me it is really important to provide these kinds of sheets so I iron. It is worth it, for me at least. I consider it part of the job. Maybe not the favourite part, but I have not burnt out yet but I have worn out several irons. I listen to music, to lectures, learn language vocabulary, or just think. It is a peaceful time, sometimes I break off half-time for breakfast. It all becomes routine. A friend watches movies when he irons.


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I love crisp sheets. I have discovered that if you put the bottom sheet onto the bed and iron it whilst it's on the bed it is much easier. I am going to find out which is the best iron to use I always use starch so I do not need Steam. The Rowenta I have does not work that well it is too slow. I have also I and the top flat sheet on the bed but I am doing it on the ironing board when I can.

I agree with you, Naomi!  Ironing sheets on the bed is easier, faster and less stressful than using an ironing board. I'm so unlucky to be a total user with boards, it almost hurts my pride. Though I don't get it, what's wrong with your Rowenta? I have a  steam iron from them, guess it's from Everlast, and it works so smoothly. 

I prefer 100% cotton as you, Lyndsey,  and NOT the high thread count (which makes them very thin and subject to wear out sooner). There is a brand at Bed Bath & Beyond like this, and they are wrinkle-resistant, but they don't have a brand name on them. Another option for guest beds - micro-fiber sheets from Steinmart and folks rave about how soft they are. They are not as thick, but hold up well for guest use. I think I paid $20 for queen a few months back. Additional bonus - folks think they are those super fancy very expensive sheets.

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I'm still a big fan of ironing.  I got the Rowenta Steam Station and it definetly changes the game. Ironing is done crazy fast.  I will be expanding my Airbnb to a 3 bed 2 bath. 1 king, 1 queen and 2 twins.  My girl says that will test how much I really like ironing.  Time will tell.  Regina I do like your idea about micro-fiber sheets.  However, have you used them during the summer months?  Just wondering.  Most of my sheets come from Costco.  they have been holding up very well.  I do like pillow cases that have that "envelope" which keeps that end of the pillow from dangling about.  I watched "Stay Here" on Netflix and they talked about Parachute however the price points are beyond what I'm will to spend on bedding.  I do know bedding makes my customers happy but for right now Parachute is a little more than what I am willing to spend.  Only time will tell. 

It would be great if your iron board cover is nonstick as it would keep your clothes in a good condition. Covers need to be smooth enough so that the clothes can be ironed easily. The best covers for the boards are the Teflon coated cotton covers.

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When I grew up, there was no permanent press materials yet.. all sheets had to be ironed. Never again. I find the dryer works just fine for getting out wrinkles. I've never had a complaint about wrinkles, nor do I expect any. 

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I use cotton sheets, too, because they launder well and are easier to get stains out. I find any polyester blend traps heat and I think they look cheaper in quality. I triple sheet my beds and to get it absolutely wrinkle free, I put my sheets on the bed slightly damp. Works like a charm! You can read more about how to here,

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Cody, WY

What brand do you buy? I need some that are bleachable as well. 

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New South Wales, Australia

when i am around i iron all my sheets as well duvet cover single **bleep** and pillows cases th only thing i dont iron is a fitted sheet


I got myself a big steam iron with large iron table and iron in regular bases after all linen brough from laundry


but when i am away my helper do not iron as it is time consuming and cost lot of money 


I buy lot of Ikea bed linen and for the longer stay guests i provide more expensive linen cotton + satteen Morgan and Fintch but i always make sure those are iron and store even while i am away

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any sheet made of polyester/cotton 50:50 will be fine, easy to wash, no ironing and If they are thin (as upper sheet) it will dry quickly.


If you want cotton sheets only, than buy those with elastic corners, but then you have to lift up all 4 corners of your mattrasses every time you change sheets and it is havy work for single woman or if you have any medical condition (bad back, rheuma, arthritiss..)


Jersey sheets are heavy, take more space in washer and dryer and need more time to dry. They don't last long. 


But, if you would like to keep your sheets for a while you can make a bed and then iron your sheet on the mattrass



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Call me crazy but I love ironing sheets.  I have my winter set of flannel sheets from Costco they are the awesome.  I've also got the 60/40 cotton/polyester blend sheets they are also good but still love the 100% cotton.  I iron the sheets pillowcase Everything except the duvet I'm an old school army guy so call me crazy... by the way I also have lavender spray... the best... 

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Keep your sheets, just dry on low and take them out immediately. I had horrible wrinkles drying on high heat. Now, almost none. Also I don't fold down the bed any longer so the sheets are completely concerned with the summer quilt. No "crisp" look needed! 

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Laundering: Remove from dryer as soon as they are done and fold them. Youd be amazed at how fast sheets wrinkle just sitting in the dryer.


Purchasing: I used to be a stickler for 100% cotton sheets, but they wrinkle so easily and are a bit stiff. Now I look for 100% cotton with a sateen strip as this weave type doesnt seem to wrinkle as easily and its a bit heavier and silkier or I look for sheets with a small amount of poly, cotton-blend. I don't do jersey cotton as it feels too cheap.  Ebay is a great resource for sheet sets, but you have to read all of the comments and the label very carefully.


Realistically: You're gonna burn yourself out ironing sheets by hand. Hotels stick em through a HUGE machine straight from the washer and they are dried and folded instantly in about 30 seconds. I can't say Ive ever had a guest complain that my sheets aren't ironed enough. lol

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Do you recommend any certain brands that are cotton with the sateen stripe that you mentioned?

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