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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone out there is having the same frustrations as us.

We rent a place out and when our guests come to review us they seem to give us 5 stars for everything except the overall. This is really frustrating as we do all we can and everyone who has stayed keeps saying it is a great place etc.

My frustration is that to keep a super host status you are expected to keep a score of 4.8 or above. Air BnB is basically telling guests not to give out 5 star ratings.

They have said

3 Stars - meet expectations

4 Stars - exceed expectations

5 Stars - Throughly exceed expectations.


That is how they would like guests to revies.


If they require a superhost to have a score of 4.8 or above dont you thing if you exceed expectations it shold be a 5 star?


Would love to here some thoughts as am thinking of moving our property to another platform as there seems to be a lack of communication from Air BnB and almost a wantingness of hosts not to reach superhosts.


Thanks a lot

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Re: Reviews

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This has been posted about a few hundred times.  Yes it's annoying and No airbnb won't change it anytime soon.  We all have to deal with it.  Just keep doing your best and over time the reviews will take care of themselves.

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