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Hi all,


There are a few reasons why I have chosen this topic today:

1. It's the Holiday Season which is always a good time to share the love 🙂

2. I have seen lots of great descriptions of amazing guests in the Host Stories competition (which is sadly now closed) 

3. As we are nearing the end of 2016 this is a good time to reflect on our Airbnb year - especially the positives!


So, I would love to hear about your favourite guests (from this year or earlier if you wish!) - maybe you have a funny story or you hosted someone particularly inspiring or kind, I'm sure you've got a story to share!


It would also be lovely to see your nicest reviews - I know how important these are to you as hosts!


Please keep your descriptions general and avoid putting any of your guests' personal details (e.g. First names)


I look forward to reading your responses!



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Re: Share your favourite guests and reviews!

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Hi @Lisa213,


They sound like nice touches for the festive period! Do you add extra decorations for any other holidays?



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