Uni Project - What motivates you to host on Airbnb

Uni Project - What motivates you to host on Airbnb

Currently, I'm working on a research project for the final year of my bachelor's degree. I looking at what motivates users to host on the platform (other than the monetary reward.

As part of my report, I'm conducting primary research and have been contacting all the people I know who've hosted directly to get their opinions but quickly realized I personally know way fewer hosts than I previously thought.

If you would like to take 2-3 minutes to answer a Qualtratics survey that would be incredibly appreciated:)

It's completely anonymous and all information collected will be used exclusively for my University report. The data collected within this survey will not be published outside of City, University of London (my university) , and will only be stored until the end of the 2023 spring academic term.

Link to survey: https://qfreeaccountssjc1.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6SAmVOieyMjN0BE


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Jersey City, NJ

Hi Braden, 

Is you data collection limited by geography or the type of listing? I'll fill it out for you if you are not limited to UK hosts etc. 


Academics stick together to help with data collection 🙂 



No not at all! Completely open to any location or type of accommodation. 


Hoping to get a pretty wide variety of respondent locations to give a more representative sample of the overall Airbnb community. Qualtrics (the platform I'm utilizing for my survey) gives a general location of what city each respondent made it from. 

Was hoping to contact hosts directly via the website but the Airbnb Terms and conditions don't allow me to distribute the survey directly.


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