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Hi there everyone! We allow pets at a few of our listings. sometimes the cleaning is easy and hardly noticeable. sometimes, its a nightmare of fur in crevice's that we did not know we had (a little over dramatic, but you get the idea). What are the best t... Latest reply by Branka-and-Silvia0
When you open your home up to guests from around the world, bed bugs are a bound to travel along. The longer you host, the more likely the bed bugs will visit too. Advice for new hosts: Be proactive and consult with a professional pest management compa... Latest reply by Michelle2642
Hello! I am looking for any tips and/or advice regarding wrinkled bedding. My hosts drive down to pickup the dirty linens to launder at their residence and drop off the clean in color coordinated bags for each room. There are 6 beds. I'm given 6 wad... Latest reply by Cricket4
Am I the only one who thinks cleaning people are just flat out taking advantage of host. I dont know what people are paying across the country but I am paying $100 to clean a 2 bedroom house and $150 to clean a 3 bedroom house. And now she wants more be... Latest reply by Helen744
Anyone can assist me on how to get more contracts Company is air bnb 5 step enhanced cleaning certified an don't know how to get the name out there to get more contracts anyone can assist me please let me know thank you we just opened in honolulu Latest reply by Helen3