Need Your Input: Airbnb Overnight Escape Room/House?

Need Your Input: Airbnb Overnight Escape Room/House?

Hello fellow hosts ...


My wife and I have been working on a new project to mix our Airbnb home with an escape house experience. So it's not an escape room but an entire escape house. We call it the Yellowstone Bandits' Overnight Escape House.


We have based if off some fictional bandits who stole money from Yellowstone National Park. Guests stay the night, search the house, solve the puzzles, and recover as much of the stolen money as possible. The house even has a hot tub to relax if they need a break from the search. Those who recover the most money make it on our leader board.


The home is about an hour away from Yellowstone National Park. We've had so much fun with this project and so far things have been going well.  I would however like to get feedback from all you pros in the community.


My questions for the host community is:

  • Has anyone here ever done an escape room? Do you think incorporating this into an Airbnb is a good idea?

  • As a host ... what concerns should I have that maybe we have overlooked?

  • Do you have any advice on how to improve our listing? Here is what we have right now:

I appreciate any and all feedback!


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What a great way to attract business… 


tween parties & family reunions, spring breaks.. watch out!


Liability waiver may be a good idea, not only for medical, but also damage to personal property…


Next time attach the TikTok link 😀

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Bristol, United Kingdom

What did your market research show you was the likely demand for guests wanting to stay in this sort of property ? @Stephan-And-Skye0 


Ummmmmmm .... well ... we didn't really do anything like that. We just went with a whim I ... guess.


I'd love some advice on how you could go doing market research on something like this?

@Stephan-And-Skye0 Brilliant! Market research is often overrated and would be very difficult on such a novel idea. I very much doubt that Elon Musk's market research told him that his company would be valued way above other traditional car makers (although I see that bubble is beginning to burst).

My advice is not to bother with market research and just keep going. Most important thing now is to happen upon an equally good route to market.

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Sounds like an insurance nightmare/lawsuit waiting to happen. 

I'm not sure how this is much different than any other Airbnb when it comes to insurance. What specifically do you see as going wrong?

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I love the idea! Do you have to set everything back up every time guests leave?