Hey all,


When you join a new place, like the Community Center here, it can take a little while to familiarise yourself. I’m still new and trying to find my way here as well.


You sometimes even get an instant sense of belonging, like when you’re reunited with a long lost relative or when you’ve finally found that place you’ve been looking for all this time. But I’m not writing the greatest drama series to ever grace the big screen here, I’m curious about your experience!


How did you find and how are you finding the Community Center so far?


What was it that brought you to us, how was your first experience, and for the members that have been around a bit longer already, how does it compare to your experience now? Join the conversation and let us know!



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Betreff: How did you find the Airbnb Community Center?

Willits, CA
Level 10


I remember the Groups, and participated in several. They were terrific, and really served special interest hosts. That's how I found the CC as well! My favorite Groups were about the arts, music, hosting traveling artists, birding, and off grid hosts. These were mostly about networking and useful tips 

Re: How did you find the Airbnb Community Center?

Level 2

I'm find Airbnb by saw U.S. embassy wechat account.

China ban almost all social media,includ Google, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Wikipedia and so on.

So,I'm so curiouse the social media that can contact out of China.

So,I'm so exciting Airbnb can use.

And I saw you life style was amazing.It different from Chinese in China

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