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Hello everyone, As you can see from the other Discussion Rooms, there are boards dedicated to hosting and Airbnb-related topics. In Interests, this is a place where you can talk about all other things that may not necessarily relate to Airbnb. Please come... read more
Hello everyone, Do you know where you would like to go on holiday this year? If not, well, look no further!! I have just discovered this fun travel quiz that may help you make up your mind or at least provide you with a fun 5 minute break! You can discove... read more
Hello everyone, One of my favourite things to talk about is food! :) Presently here in the UK, the sun is out and this signals lots of lovely fruit and vegatable. I always associate summer with strawberries, blackberry picking, raspberries - generally a l... read more
Hey Air BnB community! I wanted to share a story I came accross via a customer of mine for my full time business (Revel Woods). The homeowner had recently come down with a horrible rash and respiratory issues and they could not figure out what it was unti... read more
Hello everybody! I hope you've all had a great week! Today I wanted to talk about guests, and as a host, you get guests from all around the globe! So my question is from which country or city was your previous guest from? If this is your first time hostin... read more
Hello everybody! I hope you're all having a great day. I was looking through my photo's of when I went on holiday to Oslo (Norway) with my partner. This was the first time that I used Airbnb in travel mode. The host was accommodating, and her smart house ... read more
Has anyone every used airbnb to host a small LARP (10ish people). Curious if anyone has had any luck with a weekend rental like this.
Hi All:On Janauary 4th, 2017, I left Seattle to transition into living fulltime on the road. I've now spent 186 consecutive nights living in AirBnB. I started on the West Coast of Mexico, in Jalisco and Narayrit. I then moved to Mexico. Then Oaxaca, Then ... read more
Hi everyone! I hope the living room is a good place to post this topic. First things first! I just love #fashion! Mostly young independent or upcoming local #designers.You know some, or you are one? Let me know! :) You are a host & could be a guide in you... read more
I made the decission several years ago to have solar installed.Other than the connection fee I have not paid an electric bill in several years. The utility usually pays me about $300 for my over production.Today will be 109 F and I am not afraid to run th... read more
Hello everyone, I have just come across an interesting article (video actually) sharing how a team of designers have come up with an idea to create moss structures in cities, acting in a way like a tree, to help tackle urban air pollution. Unleashing the ... read more
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