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This was the most unusual request I have ever had and I’m so glad I said yes. A man in his 40’s contacted me saying his wife’s cancer had taken a turn for the worse and she was now being put on hospice. She was in a hospital about 30 miles from me. Their ... continua a leggere
How to turn your property into profit with the help of these 5 Superhost tips. Nick Karakaian and Sarah Roussos-Karakaian have been Superhosts since 2013Nick and Sarah Roussos-Karakaian are a husband and wife Superhost team (@nestrs) who have turned hosti... continua a leggere
We have been with Airbnb for a solid 4 years and have just entered the beginning of our 5th year. We have hosted over 450 reservations and maintain a strong 4.9 star rating. It is RARE that our home is not booked. Our home is near Red Rocks Amphitheater a... continua a leggere
Ich habe gerade bemerkt, dass Airbnb nur noch ein Profilfoto unter "Profil" zulaesst.Airbnb hat einfach meins als 2. Profilfoto geloescht und zeigt nur Veronica. Frueher waren bei "Click" auf das Profilfoto auch die anderen sichtbar.Schade.
Alors quoi Airbnb, tu boudes ? https://community.withairbnb.com/t5/H%C3%A9bergement/Non-paiement-suite-%C3%A0-modification-accept%C3%A9e-Quand-Airbnb-ne/td-p/1135600 @Kirstie
Hello everyone, Cleaning is an essential element of a host’s life and can really make a difference in whether a guest enjoys their stay or not. Here in the Community Center it’s one of those things we all have in common and is shown in the many great conv... continua a leggere
Sorry for the long text... I should have noticed the signs when the guest booked my humble place for 5 days (I rent 3 rooms in the same place with shared kitchen/bathroom/living room). In his first message he said "Dear Rene', I am a neuroscientist visiti... continua a leggere
Olá a todos, A limpeza é um elemento essencial da vida de um anfitrião e pode realmente fazer a diferença para o hóspede gostar ou não da sua estadia. Aqui na comunidade, a preocupação com a limpeza é uma das coisas que todos nós temos em comum e é mostra... continua a leggere
Hallo zusammen, die Reinigung ist ein wesentlicher Bestandteil des Lebens eines Gastgebers und kann wirklich einen Unterschied machen, ob ein Gast seinen Aufenthalt genießt oder nicht. Hier im Community Center ist es ein Thema vieler Gespräche, in denen m... continua a leggere
Bonjour à tous, Le ménage est un élément essentiel de la routine d'un hôte et la propreté est un critère important pour les voyageurs. Ici, sur le Community Center, c'est quelques chose qui est souvent discuté, et des membres ont partagé beaucoup de bons ... continua a leggere