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Hiya everyone,


We’re back with our Ask an Ambassador! Today we are talking to Vidal, a Superhost from La Quinta, CA, USA about her hosting journey and choosing your listings pictures. Let’s read!


Can you share the story of when you decided to become a Host?


I decided to become a host when I actually cleaned an Airbnb. I own a cleaning company since 2016 and we got a call to clean a home in Palm Springs that was a popular Airbnb. I arrived with my team and feel in love with the concept. I then decided to list my home become a host for the Coachella event back in 2016. Since then I now host two homes on Airbnb and have acquired over 175 clients that also list on Airbnb.


What’s your favourite part about being an Airbnb Host Ambassador?


My favorite part about being an Airbnb ambassador is being able to help other people. I love this community and the Airbnb family. It’s truly so rewarding to see others host and become successful like myself. 


How do you decide which should be your listing's cover photo?


My listing cover photo is always a photo of my pool and spa. It’s the first picture guests will see and 99.99% of the time, that’s the reason why they book or click on my listing. So I would choose your biggest asset or most important amenity.


Thank you, Vidal! If you are new to Hosting, learn from Airbnb Ambassadors like Vidal in a free Hosting class.


Show us your cover photos and let us know why you chose them!


Please share your comments and any more questions you may have for us to put to the Host Ambassadors!

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*Ask an Ambassador is an educational series designed to let Ambassadors answer questions and provide suggestions for your debut listing.  The views and opinions expressed in this series are the Ambassador's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Airbnb. Stays and Experiences on Airbnb are always evolving, and the information discussed in this series is subject to change.

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