How to get guest's information

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How to get guest's information

I’m hosting my first visitors next Friday. When I booked my vacation in Port Clinton at their Airbnb I had to put names and ages of all my family. Why don’t my guests have to do that ?

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When someone book a listing, it appears the name of the person who booked it.

It you want the name of the other guests that are coming with the one who booked it, it is up to you to send a message to main guest and ask him/her to send the name of the other ones.


Yes, unfortunately. I ask that guest "invite" their companions by going to the reservation and under "Manage reservation" they can put in the emails of the other travelers. A lot of times people don't do that, although half of my guests will put the names in a message which is fine with me.

We've asked Airbnb to streamline that as a form the booking guest gets automatically to fill out.