Unreasonable and requests

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Santa Rosa, CA

Unreasonable and requests

I received a request for a room tonight at 5 pm.  He wanted to use my TV all night to plug in a game. I declined to short of notice. 

At 7 pm I received another request for room tonight. I declined its to short of notice

At 9pm I received another request for the room tonight. I told him his request was unreasonable. 

What is happening?  I am now nervous.  I live alone. 

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London, United Kingdom

Were all these requests from the same bloke, @Deborah1203? I didn't think you could re-request if you'd been biffed once. Anyway, thankfully he won't have your address. All the same, I'd flag this behaviour with CS. 

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Zagreb, Croatia

@Gordon0yes, the same person can send requests multiple times to the same host, I had such situation recently.


@Deborah1203  select "preparation time" to 1 or 2 days in advance and do not allow guests to send requests without notice



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