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    I received a booking from a guest that previously received a negative review. She booked two nights for 10 people. I'm hesitant to allow her although she gave me an explanation of what happened. Is it possible for me to contact the host that gave her the ... Latest reply by Huma0
    Hi all I'm very new to Hosting and was just contacted by a current guest, requesting to change their reservation with a full refund of the remaining nights due to a sudden death in their family.I asked them to go through the formal AirBnB process and a sh... Latest reply by Huma0
    I am Chris and my property is in Cedar City, Utah. I know my photos are an issue and I am in the process of deleting and replacing several of them. I am new, having only one quest for 4 nights; and literally no reviews. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms... Latest reply by Gwen386
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    Hi All, I'm new to this community & this is my 1st post. My question is about pricing. We have a property management company that has our house listed on their website at $275 a night, cleaning fee $275 and booking fee $82.50. VRBO has the same prices on ... Latest reply by Helen744