February & March 2021


February & March 2021

Inbox search + filter

To make messaging with guests easier, we have expanded search functionality to allow for searches by guest name and confirmation code as well as added filters for listings and trip stages to the host inbox.


An easier way to set seasonal and holiday rates with rule-sets

To make it easier to apply rule-sets, we’ve added selectors to help you choose listings and dates. Click “Apply” on your rule-set, then (1) choose your dates and (2) pick your listings.


Mobile reservation list for iOS and Android

To make it easier to manage reservations, we added a new reservations list that lists all upcoming and past reservations. You can find it on the calendar on iOS and Android.


New opportunities in the Opportunity Hub

You can now more easily track settings for important amenities like Free Parking, Iron, and Crib with the Opportunity Hub.

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I assume You are working in the softwaredepartement. It is very much appreciated on my end that You come to the CC to inform us about recent changes and what You are working on.


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Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you @Scott 
Amenities like Iron etc have often had a 'Prompt' even when they have already been included in one's listings...Opportunities now appears to have several meanings, whereas one would reasonably expect it to mean, means of  "promotions"

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