Account blocked.

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Des Plaines, IL

Account blocked.

Hello community. I was faced with a completely incomprehensible situation. I woke up this morning and all three of my ads were blocked. No conflicts with guests, no messages from airbnb support. Of course, I wrote this question myself to the support service, but no one answers me either. Has anyone encountered something similar? I have been a super host for 6 years now and have hosted more than 1000 guests.


Can airbnb block a listing based on anonymous allegations because I was blackmailed and harassed by an unknown person?

Valentin Ikebana
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Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Valentin1461, welcome to our community.


I took a look at your profile and noticed that all three of your listings are active. I hope this means the issue has been resolved for you.





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