Are you aware Airbnb reverses review removals upon appeal from a bad Guest?

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Are you aware Airbnb reverses review removals upon appeal from a bad Guest?

It's true. I just got blindsided by our "partner" Airbnb who reinstated a bad guest retaliatory and non factual review and with privacy concerns, without so much as a heads up to me the Host from Airbnb. The guest stated he loved the home but gave us 2 stars in order to ruin our so called Superhost status. Apparently that means nothing.

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@Victoria1437 Airbnb is walking a fine line trying to maintain the integrity of its review system. I wouldn't like to be in their shoes attempting to do it and sometimes it does throw up the odd potentially unfair situation.

Why are you trolling my posts now? Please do not respond to me again kindly. 

@Victoria1437 This seems to happen regularly on the Community Centre. If you do not want a response to your post then I can only suggest you do not post. If you only want posts from those that agree with you then again you would be better off not posting.

Oh and just for the record - I am not trolling your posts. I responded elsewhere when your advice was contrary to Airbnb rules and I responded here because I thought a counter argument was worth making.

Two posts does not a troll make (as we say in sunny England)

@Victoria1437. Victoria, reading both reviews I am guessing the 2 was backed up with low ratings in more than one category- you may still have grounds to appeal. Otherwise I can only suggest that you try to put this one aside. You are a very experienced host so it can be frustrating when things like this happen. I can see you have fully disclosed the studio proximity but yes, they didnt like it because you complained about the toddler noise which then made them uncomfortable.


Moving forward is it possible to soundproof the door between the unit and your studio, for your own sake as much as future guests?


Just my 2 cents 🙂

Aloha Frances what great suggestions thank you so much! Yes your summation is exactly what happened. I explained to Airbnb this discourages the ability of hosts to report breaking of house rules. But yes, he gave me 2 stars yet commented on how beautiful home was and clean and good location so I will inquire. Also what is really bothering me is his comment on how my studio is separated by an interior door and can be heard yet he had no access to be able to see what is on other side of door so he is presuming he would not have factual or accurate info. I have two no access interior doors and both go to storage area and utility room. I am concerned about his description infringing on privacy. So infuriating that some representative sided with a strong willed guest and Airbnb didn’t even include me in the appeal. 

thank you for the soundproofing suggestion we will definitely add that but to clarify his review is erroneous because the spaces are not separated by just a door. 🤔 but Airbnb does not understand. 

@Victoria1437.In that case I would label the doors as "Storage/Utility Room- owner use only" so they dont assume you are suddenly going to walk through them. Here we need to provide floorplans showing emergency exits so it would be pretty clear nothing lay behind the doors.


Sales 101, its not what you say or write but how you make them feel that they remember. The minute the noise issue was raised you were always going to have problems.

Frances totally agree and what great suggestions I can’t thank you enough!

Aloha Frances,

Hope this finds you well. Let me tell you what else has transpired. So I did not give up on disputing the reinstatement of the review and called support to discover that the guest had rated the individual categories at 2-4's, 1-3, and 1-2 but then left the overall rating at only 2. Also I reiterated my concern about the misinformation about how the spaces are separated and that the guest reviewed on an assumption and not fact. I got a good ambassador and he removed the review again! However, I couldn't believe it that some ambassador took it upon themselves to go into my account and reinstate the review AGAIN!


I almost feel harassed by an ambassador. The review was initially removed, reinstated upon dispute from guest, removed again upon my dispute and reasoning, and then Airbnb took it upon themselves (don't think guest disputed it again right) to reinstate it again.


What is going on?