Cancellation that didn’t get sent to host

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Cancellation that didn’t get sent to host

Hello, just curious if anyone has faced the same issue with a cancellation. We booked a stay for August of 2024 and found out 24 hours later that the dates wouldn’t work for the group. I quickly cancelled within the 48 hour window and wrote an apology to the host explaining why we had to cancel. I sent the message and the screen indicated that the host will be notified and a refund will be sent within 10 business days. I checked the bank account every day since the booking fee was over $5000 and I wanted to make sure we received the full refund. Today was the 8th day since cancelling and we still did not see the refund. I logged in to see if there was a note from support or the host and it showed it as an active trip. I called support to find out what was going on and they had no history or anything showing up that we cancelled the trip. It seems like there was an issue with the request that didn’t go through and I’m just curious if anyone has had the same experience. Thanks for the feedback.

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Airbnb app transaction history is always the best place for payout reimbursement or any $related transaction history 

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Hi @Lynsey33, Going through some of the conversations in our Community, I couldn't find an exact situation like the one you described. However, >here are some discussions that might give you some ideas on similar topics. Feel free to use the search bar at the top of the Community with some keywords to read more conversations.




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