Complaint and Refund Help

Complaint and Refund Help

Hi @Bhumika and @Paula,


I really need your support! Not only as a customer but as Canadian and Colombian Airbnb customer. 


I certify that I made an Airbnb reservation on November 30, 2023, ** at 8:54 pm, which I paid using my Apple Pay TD credit card ending in **. However, 20 minutes later, I decided to cancel the reservation and made the mistake of marking to have a credit instead of marking Apple pay. Then, the nightmare with Airbnb started!! 


I immediately contacted the support team through the Airbnb App to address my mistake and get a full refund of my credit to my credit card. This company went on to tell me that it could not be done and that I needed to use that credit because they could not change the credit in the system and put it back into my credit card. I immediately closed my account and connected Airbnb support team by phone. I have been contacting them every single day since the cancellation. All the response I get from them is as follows:

"I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, but once you selected the refund to your booking credit, we cannot override the system and get the refund to your credit card."

All the documents attached provide details/context/sources that prove my case. I do not want to use Airbnb in my life ever again, and they have no right to force me to use this company; it is illegal. I just want my money back to my TD credit card **.


Thank you for your help supporting my case. Sincerely,

Edna **




*[Personal information and reservation number hidden - Community Center Guidelines]

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Have you asked the credit card company to repay you?

if you haven’t the goods / service etc you paid for you are entitled to a refund to your card.

it make take a few days and you will need to fill in a claim form with your credit card usually on line and submit with your evidence and communication of you asking for the refund.

you are entitled to a full refund but will have to make a claim 

hope this helps

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@Susan5497 While it is worth @William2287 asking his credit card company there are 2 potential chargeback issues

1)Technically Airbnb has done nothing wrong as William asked for a credit note (albeit accidentally)and

2) Using Apple Pay means that technically the credit card was used with them not Airbnb.

Anyway it is worth a try as is appealing to Airbnb that they do the right thing. If they won't then maybe a small claims court case would work as the offer of a credit note when a cash refund is possible seems sharp practice to me.