Continuous Requeats for Recommendations

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Continuous Requeats for Recommendations

Hi all ! 

I have  property in Athens. we have an extensive list of recos we send guests for food, drink, night life, supermarkets etc. 

I find that some guests relentlessly ask for recos ranging from directions to places to suggestions for hotels and tours on islands and various parts of the country. 

any tips on how to politely manage as I’m feeling like google here.  

W so much ! 

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@Dimitra62 I would write a guidebook. Alternatively just recognise that an excellent host does go above and beyond if requested.

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Agios Nikolaos, Greece

Also keep in your mind writing in listing profile places to visit and main useful information so you can send them there to take their answer. 
Also i put after listing photos some photos of the area around, beaches and mountains for example.

If you want something more leveled up you can make a website with sightseeing's, videos , museums, useful info etc. so they will have all the information there.
Now i have made this for myself.

From my experience a lot of guests dont pay at all attention at the information and if you answer them one time they start to ask all the time. You can go beyond also by answering all the time. 


We've found a number of guests want the one-one personal experience hosts provide...


Here is our latest version of how we manage it...


We've created " q/a list"  for the top 20 popular questions,  which we update, every quarter, and edit year edit.. some of our q/a categories are "insiders tips" ; "best seafood" ; "best day trip"; "history"; "best after dark"; "best beaches", etc.


We use   "scheduled messages";  to manage the q/a content, we do this only because it keeps the info with the specific listing, a co-host has access, and inadvertently, we do not send the guest an answer related to another listing. 


The content comes from our books, links, etc...thus, it is just a question of reformatting to manage our time, and help the guest. 





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Hi @Dimitra62 👋


You've got some suggestions below from Hosts! What have you decided to do moving forward? It would be great to hear as I'm sure other Hosts will have a similar question in the future. 


Did any of the answers below help or inspire you to make some changes or even add a guidebook? If so, it's always a lovely gesture to mark it as the best answer. It's like a big virtual hug to the member who supported you. 😊


Looking forward to hearing from you!



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Hi @Dimitra62 

We offer the Airbnb Host Guidebooks and have a paper House Manual and Area Guide with all the recommended restaurants and destinations. However, we still commonly get questions that are easily answered in those two guidebooks or by doing their own Google search. Sigh. As suggested by others, we created Quick Replies that contain URL links. For example, we have a Quick Reply for all the best hikes in the area with URL links. We have a quick reply that provides local weather information for our area (guests commonly ask "does it snow there?",  or "does it rain alot there?"). We even have a Quick reply for gluten free options at local restaurants with links (yes, we had a guest ask about that!). 


All these questions are easily answered by Google, but guests seem to want the Host to provide that information for them. Creating a Quick Reply messages to the most commonly asked questions will save you time in the long run, as many guests don't use the resources you have already provided.