Guest asking for compensation

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Strathroy, Canada

Guest asking for compensation

Hey everyone, 


I’m a new host to Airbnb hosting my second long term tenant. My first guest stayed for a month with no complaints and everything went well! My second guest has now moved in for 6 months and is asking for compensation for extra amenities they want to buy for the apartment. They want to buy a second set of sheets because they said the second set that I provided was dirty. They want to buy more dishware, that is non plastic due to carcinogens, although I provided glass plates, cups, metal cutlery, plastic containers, a steel pot and a pan etc. And they want to put curtains up in front of the deck window and make me pay for the curtain, rod, and task rabbit they hired to do it. I feel bad that they are so unhappy with the place but I am unsure how to respond or what the protocol is with a situation like this. Any advice is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you! 

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 This is a good question - and if you put your self in the shoes of the guest, it doesn't seem at all out of the ordinary to me. 6 months is a long time to stay in temporary quarters, and making some accommodations seems fine to me. You do want  these people to be happy. If the curtains are a permanent installation, that is a home improvement which should be a deductible business expense for you. 

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Helena-West Helena, AR

My take on it:

1~ if second set of sheets was 'dirty', I would wash them and bring them back to the guest. No need to purchase more.

2~ You provided non-plastic dinnerware; no need to purchase more.

3~ If the deck window needs more privacy, tell them you'll consider buying and installing a curtain and rod if you decide to provide that. Don't let them choose it or install it. You're paying for it, you get to choose 🙂 I wonder if it's a window that you could put a tension rod in place just inside the opening ? That way no screw holes are made.


The space comes as-is. That's the norm. It's your space to decorate as you wish. That's also normal.

I'm not sure how you would go about giving back money to them as it's all going through Air bnb. Keep all messages on the air bnb site for your records 🙂 You are not obligated to change your space to please every guest.   Best wishes~