I Got This Message From Potential Booking Inquiry Potential Scam?

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I Got This Message From Potential Booking Inquiry Potential Scam?

The message content is in quotes.


"My fiancé is here for business. We love your place and will soon be joining him with our daughter and family, but we have a few questions."

:Is there laundry in the home? On the pictures, I can't see it."

"Are roads OK to travel in night?"

"Please provide me your phone number in the following format: $$404$$865$$1471, and I'll call you to talk."


I suspect this is a scam, but I am not sure.  Asking for a phone number in an unusual format is weird.  Can anyone comment?


**[Phone number hidden due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

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I received this exact same inquiry on VRBO yesterday, suspected it was a scam. Thanks all for confirming. I will report to VRBO.

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I just received the same inquiry requesting a call with that phone number. Sounds like a scam. They provide no information about the purpose of their visit and the size of the party which is requested on the listing. I requested this and got more questions. I am reporting the user after reading all of these comments from last year. Thank you all. 

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I got mine today on VRBO. I have gotten many of these before on both platforms, but mostly on VRBO. This is the 1st time I have Googled the phone number and I'm really glad to see people are reporting them like this. I usually politely tell them I am unable to call until there is a booking. I will do the same this time but then will go ahead and report it afterwards.   

Thank you so much for doing this everyone!! 

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I just received this message with same number to call back. I was not comfortable with that. I answered back with VRBO platform with some questions to clarify before confirm booking. They never respond back. Thanks walter for sharing this.


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Just report it to Airbnb as a scam message. I get weird massages periodically. 

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I got the same last night on VBRO (Scam Alert)

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SCAM: I received this message as well twice - each time with a different phone number. The request was for a date 15 months in future, which was odd. I received the first message at 9:30 pm Pacific time, which according to the area code would make it after midnight their time. I explained I only communicate through the app. Although, I did try once to call back and received no answer and no reply. 5 days later I got a similar message with a different phone number and area code, same name.  This was the second message: 


" I think your home looks excellent, barring the service fees. However, I wanted to talk to you first about the service fees (which are absurdly costly). Calling the host provides a personal touch, in my opinion, and most visitors value speaking with the owner. A VRBO booking will be made by me.

Sending me your numbr should be done as follows




is my numbr)

If you don't want to give me your numbr, call if I don't answer, leave a message; and I'll call you back." 

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Marked this as SPAM on VRBO: 


I have some inquiries and am thinking of coming here for vacation. Is it possible for us to discuss them? Please connect me on this numbr.-($seven-&two*$four($6-$three^five-five$five_#seven-$six$)


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Hi @Jess167, just wanted to drop in to say that if the same happens on Airbnb, you can report it. You can click on the 3 dots in the message thread and report the message (see message) 

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Thank you for sharing this with the community to make others aware 🙏🏽



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Got the same message on VRBO & marked it as spam 


"I have some inquiries and am thinking of coming here for vacation. Is it possible for us to discuss them? Please connect me on this numbr.-$seven$seven($three-$seven)four-$seven($SIX--$two....three-$two)$$--($$)"

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I just got the exact same inquiry on VRBO. Once I reported them as spam they sent me a second inquiry using a different name but the exact same message and number to call.