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No bookings

I have always had as many bookings as I wanted. However, I had one booking in Nov and none since. I allow 3 months in advance and nothing is booked into the next 3 months. Red Rocks concerts have been my big draw and concerts kick up in May. I am a superhost with all 5 star reviews except one. Anyone else experiencing this?  I’m wondering about a surge in places, considering investors are flipping homes in this area for STR’s. 

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Hi Deb, I’ve had the same problem. I’m getting half the bookings I did last year starting in January it’s gone way downhill. I still get a few bookings here and there, and oddly the views seem the same, yet hardly anyone ever actually books. I heard the same from another host I know in the general area I’m in. I really don’t know what’s going on. I’ve dropped my price significantly and maybe that’s why I’m even getting any bookings at all. It’s very concerning since this is my only source of income. I’m still sticking it out, hoping it’s just a temporary pattern. I’ve heard many theories: over saturated market of Airbnb’s available, bad press for Airbnb (guests complaining they were expected to deep clean after their stay), economic hardships (gas prices, food prices, inflation, making people less likely to travel). Let’s hope and pray things pick up soon, but I for one have the same problem you have…it’s not just you!

Thanks Rebecca, I hope it’s temporary also!

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Hi @Deb4103 


If you do a search for posts on this community you will see many hosts experiencing a fall in bookings.


if you do some market research for your location and type of listing this will help you understand why.


it could be falling demand and/or you're operating in an oversaturated market.


it's a good idea to list on relevant STR platforms for your target guests and consider direct bookings to maximise your chance of getting bookings @Deb4103 

Thank you! I will check into your suggestions. Just found out, neighboring small city opened up STR’s. Sad to say, investors will probably come in and buy/flip for STR’s thereby saturating area even more. Corporate owned, they don’t care about guests experience :frowning_face: