Review-replay editing

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Review-replay editing

Dear IT support team, i hope you will read sometimes what hosts writing here.  I would like you to add "edit"  button to the hosts section where guests leave reviews and hosts leave replays on them. We are just humans and we make mistakes, wrong grammar, names etc and will be really nice from your side if you will let us( hosts) to edit our replays after posting them if we made mistakes in text, coz for now we don't have this possibility. Sad. 


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Hi @Oksana127


It is best to leave this feedback using the appropriate channels as Airbnb support or their IT team do not review these forums.  You can leave your feedback here.


Good luck! 



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@Oksana127 It's simply not possible. I understand why you want that feature, but the option for editing of reviews opens a Pandora's box. There's a reason that they have to remain unchanged. Think about it. 

As to what the other respondent suggested, don't waste your time.