Roaches everywhere

Roaches everywhere





 Why isn't Airbnb having these host provide proof of insect inspection prior to allowing guest to stay? I have had eat out with our kids every meal every day because when I cook more come out. We will have to get rid of all our electronics we bought. The owner knew of the problem and still rented to us. He offered to put us in another place, but tried to upcharge us, never offered a discount or exterminator.  I have been on and off the phone with Airbnb customers service for over 3 days with no solution and we checkout tomorrow. What else can I do? I provided pictures, screenshots of the discussion between the host and I with dates and times already. Why send the guest through all this stress for an issue we should've never had to deal with in the first place?

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Helena-West Helena, AR

I'm sorry this happened, bugs are never a fun visitor !

I'm curious where you have been staying. We live in the South (AR, USA). It's quite humid and warm, Spring and Summer seasons. Very tropical with forestry areas and bodies of water. Consequently, we get bugs. Our house is treated on a regular basis, inside and out which does help. However, bugs can get in the tiniest screens or cracks in doorframes. They can come in on your pant leg as you travel through a grassy area. If they hang around the outside door, they can get caught in the suction when the door is opened. We cannot eradicate every bug. We cannot guarantee you will not see a bug. Our land has a lot of kudzu which harbors lizards, spiders and snakes as well. There are some areas of the country that have the presence of critters, no matter what.

Our house is treated quarterly for pests. It's not safe to use chemicals to treat closer together (monthly). Even if we did that, you'd still see some dead ones who came in contact.

When you state, 'the owner knew of the problem and still rented to us', it sounds like you believe the owner was negligent. Maybe they didn't treat recently. But if they did, it's not legal to treat again real soon after. Did the owner mention a recent treatment ? or are they just 'used to the bugs' and don't care ? Is there any mention of bugs in their area in the listing ? It could be that's just the norm for their area. You can mention in your review or suggest to the owner that they should include bug info in their listing.

We're actually working on how to word a FYI statement regarding bugs and critters guest may see.

Honestly, I also hate bugs in the house ! I can relate to being grossed out or even freaked out by a surprise visitor~ My hubby is totally willing to go upstairs (for our guest) and get rid of a bug. But we have no way to guarantee 'no bugs'. They just come with the territory and in our area, they are not automatically a reflection of bad housekeeping or a lazy owner 🙂

Best wishes~


I can understand outside bugs getting in, but house roaches are nasty. Not water bugs, no one wants to rent Joe's apartment at $1800 for a few days stay. If you can't guarantee your place doesn't have a house roach infestation then don't Airbnb it.