Sneaking in pets

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Sneaking in pets

I need Airbnb to step up on this one. Numerous times I have people sneaking in pets. We find pet hair all around the units and we have to pay our cleaners more when tenants bring pets. If I try to charge them, I am breaking the law because what if it is a service animal? I am all for allowing service animals, but Airbnb should be compensating us for that! Why do the hosts have to pay out of pocket and lose money on Airbnbs behalf? At minimum host should be able to discern in the booking if someone is bringing a service pet or it's a guest breaking house rules! I can't even put up a sign saying they will be charged for bringing a pet without paying a fee. We already give Airbnb a huge chunk of each booking this is just another way they made it for hosts to lose money!



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Hi @Nakeisha1 , Welcome to the Community and thank you for sharing your thoughts with other Hosts in the Community. While we look forward to other Hosts' comment on your concern, I'm sharing an Airbnb article that may be useful : What you need to know about hosting pets .


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Hi @Nakeisha1 

Yes...this is an issue. Looks like you have condo/apt listings. If you can, I would invest in a video doorbell camera at all your listings so you can observe if a guest is bringing undisclosed pets. Be sure to properly disclose the camera on your listings. I would also add a fee/fine for bringing undisclosed pets to your Addl House Rules.


Suggest you limit the number of pets you allow. Right now it shows guests can bring up to 5 pets on your listings? Did you really want that? Airbnb defaults the number of pets to 5 and Hosts must change that if you don't want 5 pets at your place. You'll find where to limit the number under House Rules: