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West palm beach search



My property is in west palm beach. We gorgeously decorated. Gorgeous pool. We have super host status. 

Our bookings have been at a radio silence for a bit. 

We had our first terrible guest who didn’t want to stay before he even got to the house bc he claimed our multi-million $ neighborhood was unsafe. We were confused and asked if he went to the wrong property. He said he didn’t even go ti the house yet. 

When he realized we had a firm cancelation policy he went to the house. He proceeded to harass us and destroyed the house for two days of his 8 day stay calling and putting in terrible allegations with Airbnb. We were on with Airbnb from the moment he made his first initial claim of our neighbor. 

I wanted to have their advice so we were by their rules. 

They shut our account down and put Us under investigation. 

They found that we were not in the wrong at all and that this man was clearly wrong. 

ever since our listing is not showing up in any search we do from our phone- searching without logging into our account or login in from a friends account. 

we are not showing up. 

Only if we zoom directly into our street does our listing even show up on the map. 

Does anyone know how to help?


Thank you. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Dana1362, Since you posted in our Community a few days ago, I wanted to check if this situation is still happening? Have you reached out to >Airbnb Support for help? I am sharing an article that explains >how the search results work, in case you find it useful.




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