What are guests' reasons for being late? ⏰

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What are guests' reasons for being late? ⏰

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Hello everyone!

As Hosts, you have firsthand experience in welcoming guests from all walks of life. We understand that despite careful planning and coordination, delays can sometimes happen. Whether it's a few minutes or a couple of hours, late arrivals can create a bit of a challenge for everyone involved.

It's important to remember that guests may face various challenges that could delay their arrival. For example, travel delays,, and unforeseen circumstances, could be a one of those factors that may contribute to guests being late.

Did you encounter situations where guests faced unexpected travel delays?  Or were there other unforeseen circumstances that caused the delay?


Do share your experiences, thoughts, and any tips you have for fellow Hosts to manage and accommodate late arrivals.



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Manila, Philippines

Hello @Sophia 


Dealing with delayed guests, especially my listings close to the airport, can be challenging but manageable.  I always ask my guests for their estimated time of arrival since I need to assist them in person since smart locks is not allowed in our building 😢

If schedule allows, I practice flexible check in. This can help ease the situation when guests are delayed or arriving earlier without charging them any fees.  Tip: being understanding and flexible can go a long way in creating a positive guest experience. 

Best Regards



We have no such experienses. Every guest arrived in time.


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Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

I can imagine it's a little frustrating but on a more positive note, nothing compares to a personal welcome @Patricia2526😀 

That's very considerate, I'm very sure your guests appreciate that. Thank you for sharing 😊



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England, United Kingdom

@Sophia we had some lovely French folks check in 5 hours late at 2.30am due to a plane delay. They kept us informed as the plane didn't take off and even offered to find a hotel for the first night. We could have just left the key out for them but we were worried they may not find us as some people do have problems with this. 

The last thing they needed after a massive flight delay (and 2 hour drive) was a grumpy host so they were welcomed almost as well as our other guests - I say almost as well because I am not fully coherent at this time of the morning.

TIP: Put yourself in the guest's shoes and ask how you would like to be treated.

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Skopje, North Macedonia

Once I had a girl having a 2 am landing. Since she was all by herself in a foreign Country, and not very familiar with the Balkans, I decided to skip the self check in and welcome her. But instead of taking my advice and coming with an airport taxi after landing (safe way to travel) , she had already booked a unregistered taxi driver online to save maybe 5 euros top, the taxi driver made "mistake" and took other travelers knowing she would wait because (i assume) she already paid online. And I end up waiting till 5 am. Sometimes I know it is a plane delay because I track their flight and landing online, but sometimes they don't follow my instructions, for example they go and rent a car, even though I have no parking, it says on the listing. And they show up late, with car, I loose another half an hour helping them find free public parking when The Citizens face this very same problem every time they go home from work. So there are differences when it is not up to the guest and when they don't value your time. 

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Lakewood, CO

We allow check in at anytime until check out time.  So I have ne experience of late check in.

Hi Sophia,


I have been hosting in my home for just over 6 months.  I have what I consider a generous check in window 2pm-8pm. I am happy to be flexible but I do get a bit put out when guests seem to take the 8pm check in as fluid without having the curtesy to check with me.

The two occasions that have breached my generosity have involved the guests making unrealistic plans and letting me know at around 8pm that they are still 1-2 hours drive away.

The first time I advised the person to find accommodation where they were. Since then I have had a key safe for independent entry and a lock on my bedroom door so I feel I safer when a stranger is entering my home late at night. 

I am considering having a separate entry made so guests can access the guest accommodation without coming through my home. Just not sure if the bookings I am getting will warrant the cost?


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Host can set check in times. Mine is from 3pm - 11pm. It’s self check in with a key pad. There is no way I could greet every guest. Even if they volunteer an estimated TOA there could still be travel delay or they decide to get dinner first. Even if they request early check in they often would arrive at night. 

Otherwise I haven’t had any who were delayed past check in date.  One had flight canceled but decided to drive instead.


If they arrive after 11pm they can still check in. I just do this to minimize disrupting neighbors. One did arrive at 4am then pressed the alarm button on the key fob for the rental car. I sent them message not to do that again. 

Ive had one no show. The day after I reached out to have them cancel. I was able to rebook 4 of the 5 nights and issued partial refund which she was really happy about. 

Sometimes guest from abroad have zero communication after booking. Host can see if they read message with their check in info so I’ve sent guest text if they haven’t read check in info after check in time. I also state that check in instructions and door code is provided in their messages in box in their greeting guide, other things to note and house rules but some guest may not read or look at anything. 

Im very pleased 99% of guest have zero issues checking in during check in window. 

Most guest are considerate with a quick thank you. I also don’t resent guest who decide not to communicate at all as they may have had overbearing host in the past. Although it is more stressful if guest don’t communicate at all. Some guest are just like that no matter where they are from. It amazes me guest don’t bother looking over any of the listing. They are minority but one of the main reasons I’ll just be hosting for more limited time. 



We attract US & International guests that travel to us via plane, rail, car and bus.  


Our guests have been impacted by  flight cancelations, medical emergencies in the sky or on the road, , road closures, air and rail strikes, , getting lost en route, auto breakdown, mechanical failure , lack of crew arrival for plane to safely fly, change of plans beyond their control.  personal medical emergencies, shift change, breakup …the list goes on and on…


Not matter how late a guest may be, even when it is 3am, we try and put ourselves in their shoes—as no guest wants to be welcomed from Jack Nicholson in the  Shining