Are apartments with Murphy beds well-rented?

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Kotor, Montenegro

Are apartments with Murphy beds well-rented?

Hello, I want to rent out a small studio that has only one room. If I put in Murphy beds, I would have the option to have a comfortable living room with a dining area that could easily be converted into a bedroom at night. Are such options acceptable for renting via Airbnb? Thank you for the advise. Tatjana

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Hardys Bay, Australia

Of course. 

Thank you *

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Zagreb, Croatia

Hello @Tatjana143 ,

In my opinion, it is better to have a real bed, because the guests, regardless of whether it is a Murphy bed or a sofa bed, would have it folded into a bed during their entire stay, they would not have to take it out every night and put it away in the morning. I have couches, one is stretched out and furnished for sleeping.

Regards, Branka 

Thank you very much, @Branka54 . Yes, I completely agree. However, the apartment is quite small, and if the bed were to be constantly unfolded, it would essentially be just a bedroom. It seems to me that guests, if they are too lazy to open and close the bed, could simply keep the Murphy bed open all the time as a real bed. Thank you anyway for your comment **