Coffee, Soap, Shampoo

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Coffee, Soap, Shampoo

Do all of you provide coffee, including sugars and creamers? What about shampoo? I do provide soap but am trying to keep it siimple. I'm relatively new and not sure what is expected.

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Shower soap, shampoo, conditioner.  Sink hand soap.  Dishwashing liquid soap.  Dishwasher soap and rinse aid.  Laundry detergent.  Dryer Sheets.  Cleaners for bathroom, kitchen, floors, oven.  First Aid.  Trashcan liners.  Toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex.  Coffee.  Sugar.  Creamer.  Tea.  Spray cooking oil.  Salt/Pepper.  Tin foil, wax paper, Saranwrap.


With a note that that "For long term stays, you may need to replenish during your stay."  (I don't send anybody in during a guests stay unless the guests need something or there is an issue that needs addressed.)  I wouldn't refuse requests for supplies, but try to stock a little heavier to get them through, ahead of their stay.  

I supply all these except dryer sheets, as well as shower caps, cotton buds, makeup wipes, sanitary bags, mosquito coils, iron, ironing board, hairdryer & curling wand. Fly spray, toilet cleaner, air fresher, basic medical supplies & fire extinguisher. 

Hi there.!

Yes. Room has everything you need like towels, shampoo, soap. We do not offer. food or coffee.

Hope it is of service for you.        

We provide complimentary amenities and basic necessities.  Also, complimentary breakfast bars, snacks, in addition to bottle water, a variety of coffee,  dinner mints as well. 

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Hi @Carley40 


Thanks for your note.  We do supply everything that you will need to stay, which includes towels, sheets, bedding etc.  Shampoo and soap will need to be carried in, as many people have allergies.  In addition, We do suppy coffee in the cabin only.


I hope this helps:)



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Yes, we offer shampoo, conditioner, soap, Coffee pods, regular coffee, spices ,oil ,creamer, salt, pepper, paper towels, sugar packs, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise packs, complementary water when you check in and I give a little gift pack out with like a candle with the name a pin, a keychain, just a little gift for staying with us

Yes, I provide the basic necessities for guests.  Just like a hotel and more.

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@Carley40 To me, there are a must and if you do not have them, you are asking for a negative review

shower gel



toilet paper

paper towels

hand soap


These are nice to offer, will make for a happier guest, depending on your price point would even be a must and you should certainly note in the welcome message if you do not supply them

dishwasher detergent (if there is a dishwasher)

washer/dryer supplies (if there is a washer and dryer)






These are so inexpensive and are such a nice touch, I have started offering these


cotton balls

tooth brushes


cute tips

Other than the creamer, they are so inexpensive on amazon, it is about $1 per stay for a little box of extras



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@Carley40 There are basic things in the kitchen I provide. Tea, sugar, salt, pepper, napkins etc. Some of them my guests buy, sometimes me. I also tend to keep it simple, so I only provide soap for the bathroom. 

Hi @Carley40 


I provide coffee, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and pretty much all the suggested amenities, such as an iron, blow dryer, curling/flat iron, and emergency kit, just to name a few.  I also, provide 30 bottles of water for drinking, a gallon of purified water for cooking, seasonal fruits, and a bottle of wine.

_ I do it as a kind gesture for my guests to provide an ambiance of 'Home Away from Home '_ and to attract the type of guests I would want in my home. I hope this helps.


Kind Regards,




All good answers below. But it also comes down to the price point of your listing. Are you budget or all inclusive? Or luxury or in the middle?

Generally essentials in the listing do require all that you state.  (I provide instant coffee and ground for the french press, not a coffee machine as I don't know how to clean one not being a coffee drinker myself!), sugar, shampoo, conditioner etc. But the shampoo brand for example and how much you spend on these things matter. I've seen a friend overspend on a budget listing and it still doesn't improve her rating because it was an older bathroom, etc... I've learnt with my listing to go mid-level brand on shampoo etc because that's what my guests expect.

Finally my advice is, you are now in the hospitality business. You need that mindset to provide an experience to your guests that meets their expectations or exceeds (not too much otherwise you lose money) based upon what they paid. 

Have fun !

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Yes, of course and a bottle of water for each guest in the fridge.  

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Hello Carley40,

Good Evening....


What we offer to our guests are as below

1) Shampoo - Small pouch per day per guest

2) Small soap

3) Hand wash - its refilled after each guests leaves - available on all possible Handwash area's


For refreshment(s) :

1) Tea powder

2) Sugar and Jaggery powder

3) Coffee sachets 


Water :

1) RO machine installed + 4 empty bottles - caretaker educates the guests


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Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Hetal10, thank you for sharing your experience. Do your guests usually use everything you provide for them?


Keep us posted.



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