Do you offer a parking spot for your guests?

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Toronto, Canada

Do you offer a parking spot for your guests?



Hi everyone,


Knowing what guests need is a key part of hosting. It helps us figure out what extras and services can make their stay better.


Some guests travel by car, either because they're taking a road trip or because it's the easiest way for them to reach their destination. On these occasions, offering a parking spot can greatly enhance their experience. So, do you offer a parking spot for your guests? If yes, do you charge an extra fee? or how do you manage this service?


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Berkshire, United Kingdom

yes - i offer off street parking.  I think it goes a lot towards making the booking a 'no brainer'.

No, I don’t.


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New York, NY

No, street parking only.

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Krabi, Thailand

yes, i do

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Lake Oswego, OR

We have dedicated uncovered parking space in front of the building for our guests. No extra fee.

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Miami Beach, FL

Yep, 5 cars fit in my driveway

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Kochi, India

Hi, we have space for 15 cars to be parked. 7 cars can be parked under roof inside garage. Rest will be in our backyard. We do not charge extra for car parking. It comes free with booking our place Palamattamvilla

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Cochrane, Canada

Yes there is street parking in front of my house

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Fairbanks, AK

Hi Everyone,

Yes there is one parking space for this property; pleaSe reach out with ant questions.  

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Witton-le-Wear, United Kingdom

Yes we have 2 parking spaces at our property and this is detailed in the listing. It is especially important to include this detail as parking in the village is limited so it’s assuring for guests to know they will be able to park easily and also nearby.



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Coventry, CT

Yes, we offer parking for two cars a few feet from each of the units and we offer space for RVs which would also fit 8 cars should a guest be entertaining. We always recommend “back in” parking. 

Yes, some of my properties have a private parking lot but on some of the properties, the guests park their cars on the street. And we don't change for it.

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Helena-West Helena, AR

We are fortunate in that our property is off the street and has parking space (paved) for about 6 vehicles. We don't charge for that specifically. However, anytime you can offer free parking you can add that in as an amenity and be sure to mention it in the description. Guests may be willing to pay a bit extra to spend the night if they don't have to pay to park or hike to the parking lot 🙂

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Detroit, MI

There is street parking right in front of my home for guests.  I move my car so they can have the better parking spot.

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Cairo, Egypt

Yes I do, it’s a gated compound with free parking slots for residents.