Do you offer a parking spot for your guests?

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Toronto, Canada

Do you offer a parking spot for your guests?



Hi everyone,


Knowing what guests need is a key part of hosting. It helps us figure out what extras and services can make their stay better.


Some guests travel by car, either because they're taking a road trip or because it's the easiest way for them to reach their destination. On these occasions, offering a parking spot can greatly enhance their experience. So, do you offer a parking spot for your guests? If yes, do you charge an extra fee? or how do you manage this service?


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Level 1
Miami Beach, FL

Yep, 5 cars fit in my driveway

Level 2
Lake Oswego, OR

We have dedicated uncovered parking space in front of the building for our guests. No extra fee.

Level 2
Krabi, Thailand

yes, i do

Level 2
New York, NY

No, street parking only.

No, I don’t.


Level 1
Berkshire, United Kingdom

yes - i offer off street parking.  I think it goes a lot towards making the booking a 'no brainer'.

Level 1
New Orleans, LA

We do have off street parking for 1 car in front of the guest house.

Offering a parking spot can be a valuable amenity for your guests and should be free.

Level 2
Portland, OR

We have free street parking right in front of the house. Technically someone could take that space but it is a quiet residential neighborhood so no one else does. 

Level 1
Jakarta, Indonesia

Yes, we have free parking in carport front of our house

Level 1
Bellvue, CO

Yes, I have a parking space for guests .  It is free and in front of the cabin.

Level 2
Doha, Qatar

We do provide a reserved car park at no additional cost. 

We’re unique in our market for including reserved garage parking with keyless access & exclusive use of a fenced yard and large master suite with private entry, so our listing price is higher than comparable “room in a home” properties. 

Level 1
Woodbridge, United Kingdom

We have free parking on our driveway

Level 2
County Kerry, Ireland

A free parking spot is available for my guests and an EV charger is also available.


Level 2
Jacksonville, FL


Guests have access to plenty of free parking on the property.


Level 2
London, United Kingdom

@Bhumika  Even thought we are in London we are fortunate to have free on street parking and the residential area is quiet so that the guests can park in front of main residence for our Zone 5 property. Central London properties rarely have parking but I ensure that I sent thorough the paid parking alternatives in our guest messages.

Level 10
Huskisson, Australia

@Bhumika this looks like a popular question.

Yes we offer parking in driveway for guest in front of main residence. We have had 1 complaint that it wasn't in front of cottage.


Yes we have free off street parking and the residential area is quiet the guests can park in front of main residence for 2nd car.


We have just added an outside power point for EV car charging.

Level 1
Lake Charles, LA

I have a driveway large enough to accommodate two cars


Level 1
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I dont own a parking spot, but guests can leave car on a sidewalk for free. 

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