How to inform guests of electric doors

How to inform guests of electric doors

My property gets a fair amount of guests who are **, and on certain days and/or holidays, they are not able to use the electric doors. All of our doors are opened using electric keypads or cards. Because of this, many ** guests have requested to cancel their reservation after arriving, upon learning that they will not be able to enter or exit on the days they cannot use electricity. 

What is the best way to explain this in my listing, so that guests are informed BEFORE making their reservation? I would like to make it clear that all doors are electric for all guests.

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England, United Kingdom

@Erick-David2 just put it in your description and also perhaps add a house rule that guests must be comfortable with electric locks.

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Helena-West Helena, AR

@Erick-David2 Just like you stated: "I would like to make it clear that all doors are electric for all guests."


For added accuracy, use one of your photos showing the door/locks.

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Community Manager
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Hi @Erick-David2 ! You've received some very important advice from both Mike and @Cheri354 !

Have you made the information about electric doors very clear in your house rules or updated your description?

Keep us posted on how you are thinking to deal with it or if you've managed to try out other suggestions!




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