can you please explain the +2 icon

can you please explain the +2 icon

Ive got a guest arriving today but for some reason next to the guests photo is a black circle with +2 showing. Can anyone advise what this means. We only allow 2 guests and this is what is shown on our listing... anyone???





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I think I figured it out. I have a “+2” on one of my bookings also, and when I go to the reservation and look at the guest list, there are 4 people listed, and it is indicated that 2 of the guests other than the booker have been “verified” by Airbnb. So I think this icon is just letting hosts know that 2 of the other guests are also Airbnb members.


Sometimes guests won’t even list the other guests, but in cases when they do or when it is required by the municipality, this kind of info is nice to know.

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On the app or on the website, and on which page ?


Some possibilies 🤔 (just using fantasy):


- the guest is delayed 2 hours

- there are 2 unread messages waiting

- the guest owns 2 other profiles

- the guest want to extend his stay with 2 nights

- the guest has two extra profile pictures

- the guest suddenly received 2 bad reviews...

- The guest brings 2 (more) guests/ pets / cars or ?

- The guest has 2 other reservations in same town

- the guest needs 2 extra hours after arrival to find out how the self check-in works.

thanks for the response, its a mystery as it was just 2 guests, they didnt want extra nights or anything out of the ordinary...

when i clicked on it it only showed the main photo and they had no bad reviews.



it looks like this, dont kn ow why its there and its not come up before... is it just me being dense? 🙂



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Hi, I've just returned from a trip and when I look at my messages the host now has her picture with +2 in a black circle as in above post.


No idea why it changed from one circle to two 🤔


Any ideas appreciated. 


It's only visible on the profile pic in messages

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