A new dashboard gives a clear view of your earnings

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A new dashboard gives a clear view of your earnings



It’s easier to make plans for your hosting business when you can view your earnings in one place. Our redesigned earnings dashboard makes this possible. You’ll find a detailed breakdown of past and future payouts, customizable reports, filters, and search.


The update is part of the Airbnb 2023 Winter Release.  You’ll find the new earnings dashboard in your hosting menu once you opt in to Early Access. Get more details about what’s in the dashboard on the Resource Center.

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Takoma Park, MD

Yeah.....but it doesn't. 

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Bradford, United Kingdom

Agree  with others' feedback.New  system not  working for me,  rob

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Brunate, Italy

In the top right corner of the Earnings web page or the app page there is a link "Give feedback"


This is the feedback I gave:


"This new interface is simply awful! Why there is no data for monthly earnings (including cleaning fees) of 2022/2021? Where is the total of Host fee for the month of May of 2023? Why suddenly do I have to go to the reporting section entering the code received by SMS first (in my area cell network is sometimes unstable) and then covert CSV file simply to see the host fees or cleaning fees  total for one month?? This is just ridiculous... And absolutely no explanation whatsoever has been given on the part of Airbnb, what is the reasoning behind making this earning sections so much worse for hosts... Hope this finds the responsible persons well and necessary action is taken to get the previous EFFICIENT interface back. Especially, that all the raw data is still there!"


I believe that, if everyone who agrees, keeps giving similar feedback at that link (in addition to messaging here, of course), maybe, just maybe, we will have the good old reporting capabilities back some day, as it happened with the "improvement" of Listing Title and the number of guest reviews (in brackets) on the maps view in Summer 2022 release.

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Geelong, Australia

I hate this new setup.  I cnat see my monthly totals or yearly easily .  The graph was so simple I get you want make things different but this doesnt make sense .  It shouldn't be this hard to be able to see where were are at any particular week month or year .  I can't see my monthly totals I HATE THSI SET UP> 


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San Diego, CA

It has been 6 months and this still isn't fixed.


The feedback has been unanimous: this update was a disaster.  The arrogance of Airbnb is as breathtaking as the contempt that you have for your hosts.  Please fix this.



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Albuquerque, NM

Is this not available on the PC version anymore?  I can only see this in my iphone app.

I strongly agree with other comments here. The old page showed a useful chart that I often used to go back and look at previous years to see how this year's bookings were comparing, and to look at seasonal trends and trends over the years. I would have liked even more information in the graph. For example, "earnings" as far as I can tell included cleaning fees and also city tax that Airbnb collects. I would have liked this to be separated and shown in a more sophisticated graph. Instead it has been dumbed down and all the useful information has been eliminated. I am not a proficient Excel user, but I guess I am going to have to learn now. One more thing to do with all the free time I don't have. 

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Amstelveen, Netherlands

The replies started 10-11-2023


any update on when the yearly earnings dashboard  report will be displayed again? It seems quite a few Host have an issue with this report being removed. 

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Gilbert, AZ

Airbnb Product Management team seems to have adopted the philosophy that if it isn't broke, break it.  

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Vancouver, Canada

I'm also waiting for this to fixed (or at least reverted back to the original earnings insights and layout). Any news / progress? Generally most Airbnb fixes have been either amazing updates, or just ok but I can live with it and get use to a new UX, however this is terrible update leaving hosts with less information than before. Please fix!