Airbnb Answers: Easier access to Customer Service

Airbnb Answers: Easier access to Customer Service

You asked: Can Airbnb make it easier to contact customer service?


You’ve raised this important question at each Global Host Q&A, and we hear you loud and clear. Easy access to support when you need it, with quick and straightforward resolutions, is important. And we haven’t always made it easy. But we’ve made major improvements and are committed to more. So, what’s been improved?


Easy access, especially when you’re hosting

We’ve created a new way for hosts and guests to contact Airbnb Customer Service. The feature is available during active trips beginning 48 hours before check in and ending 48 hours following check out.  


To quickly contact Customer Service using this feature, follow these steps:

On your desktop computer:

  • Log in to, click on “Help” at the top right corner of the screen
  • Click on “Visit the Help Center” button
  • Click on the “Contact us” button at the bottom of the screen


On your mobile phone:

  • Via the Airbnb app
    • Tap on the “Profile” tab on the bottom right of the app
    • Tap on “Get help”
    • Tap on the “Contact us” button at the bottom of the screen
  • Via the Airbnb app
    • Tap on the “Trips” tab at the bottom of the app screen
    • Tap on the specific trip you are interested in
    • Tap on “Help” at the bottom of the screen
    • Tap the “Contact us” button at the bottom of the screen


When you click “Contact us” you’ll be able to select the reservation affected (if applicable) and the type of issue you’re experiencing.  After that you can select how you prefer to receive support from Airbnb, including self-service, online messaging, and/or by phone.


So far we’re finding that over 90% of hosts are able to easily find and contact Customer Service using this new feature. Currently, it’s only available during active trips beginning 48 hours before check in and ending 48 hours following check out.  But, stay tuned - we expect to make this feature more widely available in 2018.


Faster help once you’re connected

If you’ve used the steps above to call us, we’ll automatically send your Community Support Specialist the relevant information about your reservation and reasons for calling. This way you don’t have to explain your situation multiple times and your issue can be resolved more quickly. We’ll also allow you to easily confirm who you are prior to speaking with a Community Support Specialist so you can skip time-consuming security questions during the call. We’ve found that this saves between 1-2 minutes per call.


If you have less urgent issues you can always email us, find answers in our Help Center, and seek advice from your fellow hosts in the Community Center. Superhosts always have access to our dedicated Priority Support line.


What’s in the works for the future?

While we aren’t ready to make big announcements, we can say that we’re investing in self-service tools and instant chat to allow both you and your guests to easily and quickly remedy issues that come up. Our goal is to make sure you have the help you want at your fingertips.


As always, we appreciate your questions and feedback and look forward to the next global Host Q&A!


The Airbnb Team


In the latest Host Q&A, CEO and Head of Community Brian Chesky answered top-voted questions during a livestream event. For questions he didn’t have time to address, we’ve introduced the Airbnb Answers series. View the latest Host Q&A, here.

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Level 3
Huntington Beach, CA

I think it is deeper than that, most probably airbnb does not check people. Instead they hire call center companies. And I would like to ask airbnb to give a chance to hosts to evaluate them.

Level 2
Querétaro, Mexico

I have been fortunate, my experience with customer service has always been positive and efficient. My only complaint was that for awhile it seemed impossible to find direct help contacts, but that seems to now be better sorted - which is much appreciated!

I agree that there are problems with the call centers.  In my experience they knew how to answer basic questions that maybe a new host needs.  As an experienced host when I have had an issue they give me answers that are very basic that I already know the answers and do not address my question.   They don't really understand what I am asking not due to a language barrier in my cases, but level of experience.  Example, when I called to change a reservation they gave me the basic answer on how to do that.  I already know how to do it, but there was a problem that needed more. There are so many situations that can occurr and Airbnb makes changes quite regularly with out notifying the hosts and the call center folks and so they are not equipped to answer those questions.  It should almost be like an emergency room where the call center needs to adapt to the level of calls.

Level 4
Tauranga, New Zealand

I am amazi

ed and dissappointed at all the negative feed back I keep reading. Nothing helpful - just complaints. I have had nothing but excellent support and extremely fast.  Thank you Airbnb

Level 2
Redwood City, CA

How did you get this help,. I can' t even get a phone #

Level 3
Lexington, KY

I also have had great service until lately. I haven't been paid for 2 months in spite of many texts and phone calls. I've been a super host for 7 years with no previous issues. I cannot of anything helpful, because I have no idea about what to do. I could suggest many things - most of which I have already seen mentioned. But it is nothing over which I have any control. This is AirBnB's problem. They should know that is their job to fix it. Other than complaining, what else can we do. Appear at a shareholders' meeting?

Level 1
Huntersville, NC

 My overall experience with Airbnb customer service has been great.  They have been easy to get a hold of the follow up with an email or a phone call and they are always courteous.   My only complaint is that I really do want to care for talker first and was not happy with the service.   The photographers have their own private  Business and I was not able to schedule a retake.  It was extremely difficult to resolve and has not been resolved to this date.  Took me a long time to get the information that they were not help. 

Level 2
Redwood City, CA

Why don't you list your phone number.??  bad not too be helpful.

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