Airbnb to crack down globally on New Year’s Eve parties

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Airbnb to crack down globally on New Year’s Eve parties

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As we prepare for the holiday season, we recently announced heightened rules and technologies aimed at helping to stop unauthorized parties over New Year’s Eve in 11 countries.


These restrictions will see a ban on one-night bookings of entire home listings for guests without a positive account history - or no previous bookings at all - on the platform. We’re also introducing tighter restrictions for those same guests who try to book two- and three-night reservations, with an emphasis on attempts to book locally.


This will be in effect over the New Year’s Eve weekend in 11 countries, including the US (including Puerto Rico), Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, the UK, and Ireland, Portugal and the Netherlands.


We know the overwhelming majority of guests are respectful neighbors and travelers, and that the vast majority of Hosts share their homes responsibly. And, we remain committed to helping you all protect against neighborhood disruption during high risk times of year, like New Years’ Eve.

Learn more here.

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Huskisson, Australia

           It looks like Airbnb is working in the right direction for the pre New Year celebrations. Just as long as there is support for hosts that may get caught up with the festive season of unsuspecting guests and their ideas of fun.

          However for us, we live onsite and we have had no problems so far and we never take bookings while we are not here. This was our decision from the beginning as money isn't everything and our neighbours mean more in this envitonment of Peace  and Goodwill.

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Hay Valley, Australia

Possibly should have put that in place 3 months ago, or years ago…. but it’s a good move. My NyE was booked in early November. I vetted them carefully and reminded them we are living on the farm too. 

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Zagreb, Croatia

Good move... unfortunately too late , NYE is booked months in advance.

Why isn't it implemented worldwide?


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Auckland, New Zealand

It's a sad state of affairs when the majority internationally have to pay the price for the minority who have created this problem for Law abiding citizens, especially our Under 25's who are in need of been treated without discrimination.


We know plenty of Law abiding and responsible Under 25's who would like to spend their New Years day / evening with friends who are not the partying type but ordinary people.


In a country like New Zealand younger people, and others who enjoy the outdoors, like to be able to spend time at the beach swimming and surfing and have no interest in partying.


It's important we look after our younger one's Mental Wellbeing and rights to live their lives.


We all have to start somewhere in life.


Thankfully we have had blitzes on alcohol related Boating.


There must be a better way we can all nut out how to address these issues as it potentially may be viewed to be discriminatory and unlawful.


Perhaps we ones older than 25 need to stop and look back and reflect on where we were at that age, our ambitions and work etc and think of younger ones of today who are of like behaviour.


Let's face it, not everyone goes out partying on New Years, some have worked really hard through the Christmas lead up and just want a day away from people.


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What were you doing at around 18 to 25 years of age when you were that young for New Years????


I personally was working, at various times in Tourism related industries and  face to face jobs with people 


Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hi @Helen427,  


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this one with us. This was trialled last year successfully, and aims at helping  Hosts protect against neighborhood disruption rather than to punish anyone. As we’ve heard a lot of feedback from our hosting community throughout the years about protecting Hosts from guests throwing unwarranted parties, Airbnb has developed this technology, as an extra measure, to further screen potential guests and prevent negative experiences from taking place this holiday season. 


It is aimed to protect our community internally and the neighbors who share a community externally with our Hosts too. It's purpose is not to discriminate against anyone, as our work to combat discrimination and help build a more inclusive community remains a core mission.  I’ll however share your comments with the team so we can keep evolving these policies and tools to better support both Hosts and guests. 







Merci de jeter un oeil aux Principes du Community Center/ Please follow the Community Guidelines

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Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you for escalating this @Emilie 

My understanding is there was around 6,600 incidents - from what is in official news reports primarily in USA and some in Australia and I'm aware of a handful of incidents in New Zealand but unknown how many specifically on New Years Eve.

Those who break the law will break it regardless of what night or day of the week it is sad to say.


Do you have a copy of any official Reports that are specific to New Zealand on these steps that have been taken and who was involved in discussions?


If you would please upload the official Report for New Zealand and who was consulted that would be great.


Thanks in advance

that's good news!